Arcane Mount drop rate


Does anyone know what the drop rate for the Arcane mount is? Does it drop randomly and occasionally to a player using the G.R.I.N.D.I.N.G. device sort of like legendary overworld drops (wings, halo, etc.)? I have been dedicating increasingly greater amounts of time to try and get this mount and it feels more and more like I am just spinning my wheels on a fruitless effort. Is the Arcane mount something anyone can get if they grind long enough, or is it about as likely as getting a set of wings to drop? I apologize if this topic has been covered before, if it has I wasn’t able to find it. Thanks for any help!


From my experience the droprate is extremely low yes. Took me 11 overlvls to get the mount (11x5). And I am around 45 overlvls now without another mount drop. No clue if my overlvl guess is correct though because it is not being tracked :man_shrugging:. And friends around me also are not able to get it even though they farm a good amount. So ya very rare. But I think a bit less rare then the overworld drops because this can at-least be farmed.

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I think the rareness of this is totally fine, unlike the overworld drops, you can farm for it and its not just random bullshit, hopefully it will stay valuable for a while because of how good it looks combined with the rareness


It is based on RNG… so that means you may never get it. I suppose you could say that “Anyone could get it if they grind for long enough,” but you could just as easily say, “because of RNG, a player that spends infinite hours grinding may never get the drop.”


I enjoy the rareness of this drop too. Great job Devs.

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For some reason I feel like infinity bends the rules or RNG.

Also just want to say you can get to a point where the chance is higher that you die from a meteorite then not getting the drop. So even though it is possible, it is 100% absurd to think you will get hit by one xD

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That’s why I think RNG is so bad. It could go either way, but that is completely out of the players hands.


…no. the more tries you do the closer you get to the actual drop rate. That is how math works. Infinite tests will give the exact chance.


Pardon my ignorance, but what does RNG stand for?


Random Number Generator


Thanks for the insight everyone. I admit, if I had the Arcane mount I’d probably be pretty pleased with the current drop rate also. At the moment I’m pretty bummed that I’ve invested what is, to me, a huge amount of time trying to farm this thing only to find that I’m no closer to it than when I started. All the same, thanks for taking the time to fill me in on the details.


I understand your frustration. However I completely agree with some items being extremely difficult to get based on RNG. It gives you somthing to battle for and look for. If everyone had them it would suck.


The only thing that you are “battling” is the RNG system. It is unrewarding to those that spend tons of hours of their time trying to get something that anyone with luck could get in their first 30 kills.


Different view points.

My point of view is you are battling for a chance at the RNG. Does this mean you could level 1000s times and not get the drop? Sure, but that’s what’s so awesome about it when you get it IF you get it. If I never get it then I will go down fighting with a smile on my face. If everyone online had one (like the horse mount) it would make it worthless.

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just keep trying for it, last night I got a cape + shoulder kitty in the same loot chest… im figuring that’s insanely rare to get both in one too bad it wasn’t the mount though it would be for sale right now


Just managed to grab the mount. it took me about 20 hours of farming to get it, not all that bad.

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I can tell you that you were very lucky though :sweat_smile:


If not for you Scott it would have been 100s of hours lol!

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