Arcane Ray, Ice Lance, Mage Ult hit box issue

Using Index + Knuckles (custom orientation)
(probably that static mage talent is broke too)

These spells do no damage if the animation is lined up. Even point blank. I had wondered why my mage ult seemed to always do 0 dmg…because it has been doing 0 damage lol.

Best guess this is a knuckle problem somehow with a misaligned animation vs hitbox? If I stick my wand inside the enemy and fiddle around I can get some damage numbers.

I don’t have an index so you have to to test this for me, if you hold your hand stationary for a few seconds before shooting the ult, ice lance, ray, does it hit? I have been suspecting a while that the fast line shots where you have to re-aim your shot to align it with the line of the target are missed, because the server is still aligning your wand hand. Didn’t extensively test that though. Isn’t a Knuckles only problem, unless it is worse on that system…

Currently, the hitbox is based off of you original wand orientation before “Weapon Adjustment” Is used. The animation/visual is not where the hitbox is.

To use these beam spells, you would have to point your wand away from the target. Say you move your weapon angle 30 degrees to the right, you would have to point your wand 30 degrees to the left of your target for the spell to hit.


I can point arcane ray for the entire duration of the cast and spam cast it without landing a single hit, so I think it’s not a delay issue.

For the knuckles, the default wand is pointing straight at the ground and angled. I suspected this was the issue, thanks for the note! @Mathieu_D cough this is ruining my dreams. Especially my mage ult lol. No joke, it hits 0% of the time.

Thanks for reporting, we were unaware of this - I’ll pass it on to the team.

Yeah it’s like the hot box is spawning from my thumb when I actually get arcane ray to hit. Along with other ray based mechanics

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