Are there multiple servers?

I tried to play with a friend and we were standing at the same place and couldnt see eachother. he even saw players i didnt and vice versa. if there are multiple servers can we get a way to manually change and see our server?

So if a zone is too full it will shard it automatically. That’s just happening in Highsteppe right now.

If you are in the same party, it will put you in the same shard.

If you are already friends with them in-game, just invite them to a party via the friends menu. If not, one of you can make a Group Finder post (under the Social part of the menu), then the other can select that listing and send the poster a PM, and then you can invite them to a group from the PM.

Once you are in the same party, just have one of you leave the zone (e.g. by going into your Player House) then come back, and you will be in the same shard.


Alrighty thanks @Riley_D. Everyone appreciates how on the ball you guys are with our constant problems haha. You guys are great!

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