Are there secret potion recipes?

Hi, I’m new here. I’ve been loving this game! I really like that it is so new and there are still secrets and mystery around the world and that I can’t find everything I want to know about in the wiki.

I am fascinated by the idea that there could be secret potion recipes that no one, or very few people, know about. I would love to be the first person do discover how to make a specific potion. My question is, do they exist? Or are the on some long todo list? I don’t want to make thousands of ruined potions on a wild goose chase. Is there something to find, or would it be better to horde ingredients and wait for a future update?

Feats and hidden quests sound awesome, but do we have any confirmation that they actually exist today?

There are several potion recipes that are not given to you via questing that can be found via exploring (they are “special items” in the game, and once you find them they are added to your journal).

Beyond that, though, some of the potions in the game can be aged by placing them in your aging rack. We don’t tell you what the potions are that can be aged or how long to age them, it’s up to you to discover or ask others in the game to find out. If you leave a potion on too long it may become Overaged and ruined, so there is a risk associated. As far as I know there are still several aged potions which no one has successfully made.

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Thanks for your quick reply!

Are you able to clarify what “can be found via exploring” means? I don’t expect to find potion recipes on pillars like rune mage spells. Do you mean through trial and error potion making exploring?

Are we able to know if feats are in the game?

As in actually exploring the game World! :slight_smile:

As in the recipes are scattered around the world.

You could in theory make the potion just through trial and error since you don’t have to actually possess the recipe to make it, but the possibilities are probably a little too vast for random experimentation like that.

There are achievements in the game for things like killing a certain number of monsters or whatnot, we’re tracking a lot of stuff and will add more of those in the future. That would be the kinds of things that “feats” are described as in that post (which is a pretty old post, haha).

Awesome, thank you for the info!

Is aging duration tracked by Real time or in game time?
It doesn’t matter for me since I accidentally left myself on overnight, but I’m curious if it’s the kind of thing we’ll need to get on for or not.

It’s tracked in real-time, in the sense that even when you are not actually online your potions are still aging.

Might have to find out through experimentation but how forgiving are these?
For example, if I go to age a batch of potions that should be ready tomorrow, and then work/family/RL stuff comes up and I can’t get on, will they be ruined by the next day?

Depends on the potion! Not every aging length is the same :slight_smile:

Was more curious if the overaging is a percent of the original aging time (which I would guess), and how forgiving that is (+50%, +100%, maybe differing per potion)?

Generally speaking the easier the potion is to age, the more forgiving the window. For example, some of the most basic might give you like 48 hours (real time) to get on between when it ages and when it spoils. Some of the tougher ones have much shorter windows than that, though.

I will say I set them up in “hours” not “minutes” though so for example there is no potion that ages and then spoils 10 minutes later or something like that.


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