Armored Wargs in Lucian Plains

The armored wargs in the lucian plains are summoning two wargs some of the time. I remember there was a patch awhile ago that made it so they only summon 1 extra warg if your fighting them solo so I wanted to bring this to your attention.

They are summoning them as in pulling them in from elsewhere on the map or summoning them as in they are appearing out of thin air?

They appear out of thin air.

Poof out of thin air…

They are summoned out of thin air.

Since were talking about Lucian Plains already I wanted to mention how annoying/confusing it is having it being called “plains” and “plateau” from different sources(maps will say plains, quest will call it plateau).

I’ll look into this. Thanks for reporting!

Same thing for text associated with the rainforest staff. Quest text mentions WEST of order fort in a temple. It’s actually mostly north and it should read ruins (consistent with other quests). There is a red herring here of an actual ziggurat temple that is west of the fort but nothing is there… I went around it a gozillion times because I was positive that was it based on the quest text.


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