Armory down again

I was not able to get into the Orbus Armory this morning. Does the server need to be reset?

The armoury is unrelated to official Orbus, the devs aren’t responsible for it. You have to contact @aRkker if you want to let someone know

The server that hosts the front-end isn’t under my control. I’ll try and sort it

This can be used as a temporary solution. I can’t reach the guy who owns the domain so I can’t change the original address. Once I get a hold of him, I’ll sort out the old one too.

Ok. Now even the temporary link is down.

Because the main link is working again

I tried that a minute ago. Let me try again.

The normal link is populating but data is not coming through it just sits and spins.

Aaah I see. Your right.

It shows playercount is also 0. Normally infinite spinning means another Chromium browser bug from the Armory. But if even the playercount is 0, I think it is broken ATM. (or some migration?)


Both are up again. Docker update fucked everything up, as per standard

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Armory is down.

Yeah, the server was being hit by a DDoS attack, but I mitigated it. Should be fine now, apologies


ooh, i thought u owned the domain, damn so this means the owner of the domain could totally redirect the app url to a malicious site?

No, J (friend and the other perpetrator of the projects inception) owns the domain at the moment. I find it unlikely he would do that though


How does the combat parser work in the Armory? Where do I find the combat logs to drag into the website?

Easiest way is to just do this on PC:

Hit Windowsbutton + R ->
type in %localappdata%\..\LocalLow\Orbus Online, LLC\OrbusVR\
hit enter

it should open a folder that has the combat.log file in there. Also by clicking the landing zone, it probably opens it to the right folder IIRC <- that was bullshit

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The armory is not working. When you type stuff in a search bar it does not search suggestions.

The transmog station is also not working

“…from origin ‘’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.”

Something with this?

I was away from the computer and the motherfucker who has been trying to DDoS the server had managed to crash the database. Should be sorted now