Assassination missions have vanished

In one of the quest lines, there is an NPC who gives out assassination missions. I can’t remember his name. He moves around the world as you complete missions for him. The last mission I was given was to assassinate the woman in the Wastelands. I’ve done that (3 times now). Yet when I return to the NPC, who is now in Lamavorra. He doesn’t talk to me. Also, all mention of his missions have vanished from my book.

I’ve also been doing Chef Lethrow’s missions & have just been told to go and speak with Glen the reporter. But Glen won’t speak with me.

Are these known glitches?

Regarding the lore quests with assassinations, there’s only a small number of them, it’s possible that you finished them all. Do you remember the name of the last one you did?

For Chef Lethrow, can you let us know the name of the quest you’re on now?

Assassination Missions: I would like to. But all mention of them have disappeared from my book. No NPC is talking to me. One would have thought after the last mission I would be able to ‘hand it in’ like the rest. All I can tell you is the faceless man with the wide brimmed hat is now standing opposite Vulcan’s Point.

Chef Lethrow:
Page from my journal:

Final print

“Chef wants to ensure that Ernest Trimm’s last masterpiece is printed. Speak with glen at the Highsteppe Enquirer near the airship docks in Highsteppe”.

Speak to Glen.

Your at the current end of that one


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