Attack and defence on gear that drops as loot

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just strange RNG.

I had slowly been getting gear upgrades at a regular pace while I was around HighSteppe (levels 1 to 5), but then I started picking up armour that seemed relatively much higher level (most of my gear was around 20-30 defence or so and then at level 5 I picked up a level 135 shirt to replace my 6-defence shirt).

Now I have around 530 or so defence, but only 20 attack and I feel that I can best be described as a low level tank. I’m hoping a higher level gun will drop soon, but I’ve had no luck for a while.

Is the attack and defence on dropped gear based on your character level or on the gear you currently have equipped? The jump in gear quality seems to imply its based on your characters level, but I’m not sure.

I think the “quality” or “strenght” of the loot you get depends on what mobs you kill. I noticed that aswell that you get a ton of items at the beginning and then it calms down.

Yesterday as example I found a Longbow with 156 attack as a lvl 8 Ranger because I got invited to a group and then we killed some high level Tigers in the jungle. Another Ranger that was in our group (lvl 8 as well) had a bow that was a little bit stronger than the bow I had before (mine was 31) but he also told me that the only thing he needs is a better bow.

So really what I think is that they should increase the drop rate of weapons or integrate a new guy that sells you some basic stuff depending on class and lvl. What I mean is that you have one guy that sells you gear that is good to carry on you lvl 8 warrior and when you switch your class he also sells you a standard gear for your lvl 3 runemage.
Just to get a better chance in getting stuff done because with these level 2 weapons you can´t solo a lvl 8 mob (or at least it´s very hard)

I actually really enjoy the farming for new equipment and weapons. I think the drop rate is fine. What is like to see is a way to maybe enhance our weapons and armor by attaching the items we can get from monsters. Maybe we could attach lesser eyes to a bow for higher critical… or blue scales on an armor for higher defense. Small teeth on a blade for more damage… stuff like that could help filling the gap until u get a even better weapon. Grinding in this game is a lot of fun for me, what i am missing is customization options that help filling the grind for the next weapon

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I think you miss my point. I’m not complaining about having to grind for gear. I also enjoy getting gear, checking it it’s an upgrade and gradually building my character up.

I was noting that for the first few levels, I fairly regularly received drops that were seemed to be decent upgrades (say an extra 5-10 attack/defense). Then I started getting upgrades that were over +100 defense difference to what I was getting before. I don’t mind the increase if it’s inline with mobs I need to fight, but because my weapon still only has attack 20 (possibly bad RNG).

The current huge jump in defense alone means I have to tank weak mobs while I whittle away at their health and anything stronger than that can usually out dps me.

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Oh yeah… sorry. That’s something I had many people in my parties complain about. Here I was with my 100 ATK bow and he was using a bow with 15 ATK. Yeah, maybe vendors could sell average ATK bows that are better then low level bows but worse then bows u can actually get from monsters… that could fill the gap maybe

the biggest issue is what level is an attack 80 weapon? at lvl6 i still had my attck 19 beginner rifle. i finally found a 25 but i was still fighting wars of attrition. then a trip into the desert netted me an attack 199 cannon looking thing.

i’ve since recieved “level appropriate” gear that was attack 89 at lvl9 so i presume its a case of 10x your level for weapons.

the easiest way to keep players in appropriate gear would be to have the level specific vendor mentioned. just limit the vendor to 1-2 levels below so as to not invalidate farming for loot. but players can get upto speed if it’s feeling too much like attrition

Hey Admino, there was a patch that went out on Friday or Saturday that drastically increased the armor rating on gear because there was a bug with drops. This sounds exactly like what happened to you. Probably just bad rng not getting a weapon from the higher level mobs yet.

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Ah, I see. That would explain what I witnessed.
I did pick up a new weapon that more or less doubles my attack power which helps.

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