Auction house questions

I sold a few items in my auction house inside player house and am not sure where to get the Dram. Can anyone help?

I have purchased things and know to get them from the chest across the room. I didn’t see any funds there. Is the purchase price added to my Dram automatically?

The dram earned thru the auction house is accessible from the auction house chest.
Sometimes it doesn’t notify you that dram is available to claim.
If you take one of the items from your available auctions and move it to your inventory (don’t cancel it just move it, it won’t actually move) or add any item from your inventory to the auction chest you’ll see an option to withdraw funds appear.

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I find it handy to use a soulbound item as it’ll automatically bounce back every time

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Yea I have to put an item in there 100% of the time. It has never once shown me dram otherwise.

You just need to cause an inventory update while the chest inventory is open. Aka just moving something in your own inventory will do the trick, you don’t have to actually put anything in there.

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