Auction Slots not working

Two of the slots in my auction chest have ceased to function.

One of the slots allows me to put something in it, but when I choose to post I get a message saying that auction has already been posted, but the slot still offers me the option to post and does not show up in the auction house.

The other just won’t let me put anything into it. When I do it just goes instantly back into my inventory.

The first one stopped working last night the second stopped working this morning.

How do I resolve this?


Hi, we should be able to fix it for you - can you let me know which slots they are?

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Hi Hi. That would be awesome!

The two affected slots are #2 and #10.

Much appreciated :smile:

Following up on this… Auction slot 2 started working again today.
Auction slot 10 is still out of commission.