Average Player Per Hour Alpha Test 3

Hey everyone! Just finished up working the data for the third Alpha Test. As always, feel free to leave feedback or suggestions, thanks!

The data sheets for this test remain the same as last. You’ll be able to see the full data and the data collected for each day as well as the highest and lowest number for each of those data sets. Because we moved back to a 48 hour test this time you’ll see that I have the full data chart accompanied by data charts for each individual day.

Overall numbers are lower for this test even though there were two class reworks and the PvP Arena was re-enabled this time around. I wonder if that means there is a decreased level of interest in the warrior and musketeer classes compared to the runemage, if they were easier to figure out, or if people are just ready for new content?

Thanks for reading!

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I think it was mainly due to no new content. I mainly just focused on practicing runemage spells since I don’t plan on playing any other classes. I’m looking forward to when more crafting stuff is in game.

I for one didn’t put as much time in this test as the others. Lack of new content is definitely the reason, however, that is to be expected in an alpha test. We can’t expect them to spend 2 weeks making class adjustments AND add in new areas and dungeons. I’m happy with the progression of the game thus far. Until there is new content I will be logging in to test the changes, post my findings, then logging off.


Yeah me too. I’m still amazed how much they accomplish each week.

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I’ll cover this more in the blog post tomorrow, but I do think we’re seeing some testing fatigue set in for sure. I have some ideas on how to hopefully address that, though :slight_smile: