Average Players Per Hour Alpha Test 1

Hey everyone!

During the first alpha test I thought it would be neat to capture the number of players that were online. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get things up and running until about hour 22 (10am CST on April 21st). I was able to fill in the first 22-ish hours with some other data that I had captured, but it isn’t nearly as complete. Starting at hour 22 is when I began capturing the data every 5 minutes and things get much more accurate at that point. I definitely intend to get this thing going on time during the next session.

On the first sheet of the table you’ll see the graphs. The first one shows the data for the entire alpha test and the next three break down the data by day. If you’re curious to see the actual data that was captured there are sheets for each graph that you can check out. Feel free to take a look and leave some feedback. If there’s something you think could be improved for next test I’d love to hear it.

I’m sure this won’t be nearly as comprehensive as the write-up Riley has planned for us in his next blog post, but it might be fun to look at in the meantime.



I like what you’ve done there. Im curious you see there was a few dips to 2-5 players for a couple of hours. i wonder if they were solo playing or if those who were on. were partied up. haha I found I lost track of time pretty well inside of game. That doesn’t go well for me and getting some sleep for work the next day… LOL I guess i should put in the Alpha notes id like for a clock to be placed in game xD
Ive found all day today wishing i could join the server.

This is a great way to map out when you would prioritize when to play based on when the playerbase is at its peaks and bottoms.
helpfull for knowing when to farm and when to find people