Back bug forever

How about adding some positive effecting affixes. Do they all have to be negative in this game? Maybe a dram affix where mobs drops more dram than usual. Or a speed affix where speed is increased. Extra-life affix making you have an instant rez if you die. Maybe an enviroment affix where dungeons are darker or foggy and then maybe the lanterns or light spells would have a purpose in game. Just some random ideas i had, thanks for your time.


I think “positive” affixes defeat the purpose, they are supposed to make the dungeons more of a challenge. On that topic, I’d like to see Afflicted actually do something. I’m not sure if it’s intentionally “free”, broken, or its effect so minor that none of us noticed.

Maybe also make On Your Toes do more damage. Its damage is so low that you can basically ignore it, it doesn’t even consume a full musky or bard shield most of the time.

I love the idea of the darkness affix. Something like that would be great for the spooky season. Quest players would be at a disadvantage though, iirc mage spells don’t act as a light source in that version.

Defeat what purpose?! Making the game more enjoyeable? In case you havent noticed, this game is dying. Maybe adding some positives would help revive rather than add to its defeat.

This game’s been dying since it released if you listen to all the doomsayers lol.


Idk about doomslayers but when i log on and theres single digits of players in highsteppe and obsidian is always avaible in lamavora, something must be going on.

Doing high-level shard content should be hard, and feel rewarding once you beat them. Climbing the shard level ladder was one of the most enjoyable things when I started. Having a affixes like an extra life, increased damage/defense/speed would have felt like a crutch and lessened that sense of achievement.

WoW Mythic Dungeons (where the concept is taken from) also don’t use “positive” affixes.

Then why was back bug removed if content is supposed to be hard. Im just putting out suggestions noellia, no reason to bash my idea


Back bug was removed because we had it like 6 weeks in a row and people got sick of it. I’m also not bashing your idea, I’m sorry if it came off as rude. I just don’t think it would be a good idea if we got more affixes like Afflicted and On Your Toes that are considered “free”, or even actively make the content easier.

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I don’t think she was bashing your idea she was just sharing her opinion of it

Also I really like that darkness/cloud idea that would be super fun

I think the idea of a positive affix would be worth it, it would have to be super rare, something that only appears once in a great while or can be unlocked or crafted via getting certain lower chance drops during shards. imagine getting a really shitty cove, but since you’ve done so many shards you were able to craft something that gives an extra 15 minutes to the timer, and you just put it in the same spot as the dungeon shard, a little reward for playing so much and you get to save your shards. Almost like the TM’s from Pokemon, but for shards.


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