Back bug forever

We were joking about this. Please make it stop. :pray: :cry:


I wasn’t lol. Give us golden egg back while we’re at it, and turn on friendly fire!


You are evil!


please cap back bug to how often it can be an affix, its not that its too hard it is just super annoying like very annoying

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Just increase the timer to like 30 sec between each back bug instead of 15.
Should make it less annoying, tho honestly I kinda like back bug so idrc.


I’m definitely down for that or atleast make it so boss fights back bug does not spawn like how shared pain doesn’t work on boss fights and last stand and break it and many many other affixes


It’s literally like a plague, some orbus dark ages rn. 1000 years of back bug


That is hilarious :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Back bug isn’t that bad, in my opinion. It’s just funny how after that post about getting it forever, there has only been 1? week without it.

Make a backbug pet that is attainable through an achievement of completing a certain number of backbug shards.

When you feed it, it makes the backbug sound.


okay ngl this would make backbug worth it, when you feed it it gives the player who gave it the treat the water wyvern dot and kills them


maybe just bring backbug into highstep instead of just in shards


Back bug on sephotep plz


That’s just pure evil

yay back bug again :frowning:

Yea we have been beyond unlucky :’( It’s like a 23% chance to get back bug on 15s, and we have been having more back bugs than not for the past two/three months

Not to be weird but I think back bug is fun

I find it funny how people were like “give us more back bug” and the devs were like “ok” then we were like “wait no I don’t like it”


Hey everyone just a heads up -

Due to recent feedback we have temporarily removed Back Bug from the weekly shard affixes and will keep it removed for a couple of weeks at least.

In the meantime, we will take your suggestions for improving this mutation into consideration moving forward.


I think Back Bug is fine, actually. It’s one of the harder affixes, but it’s very much doable in every dungeon on every shard level, and a welcome challenge every once in a while. I don’t think it needs any tweaks, tbh.

My suggestion instead would be to make it less likely that an affix appears multiple weeks in a row, and increase the chance for affixes that haven’t appear in a long time. Backbug is fine and fun, but I think any shard affix for 6 or something weeks in a row will be repetitive. I bet tank mains would complain about Wild Creatures too if it were to appear for multiple weeks in a row like Back Bug did.

I’m not sure how it would work for the “harder” shard affixes, iirc there’s only three different ones (Reflective, Shared Pain, Reincarnation), and there are two out of those three on a 15 :thinking:

A few new shard affixes would add more variety too. There was talk about a Friendly Fire affix here somewhere, and I can 100% see this on higher levels - if you hit a teammate, they take (a percentage of) the damage from the attack (you’d probably have to exclude Shaman Lightning, Scoundrel Spread Poison etc if the player isn’t the main target). Maybe even bring back Golden Egg for a week to see how it’s received by the community now (maybe in a nerfed form, I haven’t had the chance to play with it and can’t say how annoying it was exactly).