Bard resurrection

When looking into balancing bard for the tank/healer changes, can bard get a combat rez?

My thoughts/reasoning:
Even if bard and musky are to become equal and viable then musky is still the clear choice winner. I recently would have liked to play bard in boss 4 citadel raid but due to it not having a rez I decide to switch to musky. Currently the fight lasts 5 minutes+ from what I can tell and if a crucial tank/healer dies in a later phase its game over for a bard.

This is the most extreme situation I can think of but It feels like I’m actively crippling 9 others because of my choice to play bard over musky.


A bard combat rez would be awesome, maybe throwing both mallets at the target to be rez’d?

Coding wise I think the simplest solution for a combat res if it were to be a thing would be a separate orb sort of like the musketeer has that is off the the side and when charged you can use it like a normal bard charged note.


Oooo, nice! Then we would have a full musical scale and everything! XD

or just increase the passive damage buff talent from 5% extra to 10% extra and fix the rest of bard issues so there are strengths and weaknesses to both. Musky for reliability, Bard for speed but less heals.

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I like this idea. I don’t want all the classes to be the same.