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I’m someway a new player, I’ve been around OrbusVR for 3 months and I just entered the forums (yup, my first topic), so most of you (not to say all of you) never saw me.

Anyway, I was wondering lately. Why one can get to level 30 in a class without ever using that class in battle? Not that it is something wrong or bad, just something that makes me wonder. It is actually much faster to get exp for a class through missions, which involves no battle at all. The ones that do - Darius and Marlowe - can be done on other classes, so I can use a Lv.30 Bard for killing enemies and switch to my level 3 Warrior to get exp to that.

Again, this is not something bad. I’m not suggesting changes at all. Just wondering if there is a reason, since most of other games that have a combat system demand players to combat so they level up.


Honestly, I think it was just the easiest way to implement which class the mission XP go to. Imagine having to track how much progress you did with what class for the mission… It would be annoying to program, and would probably confuse the players too.

But I don’t think this is a bad thing at all. When you’re leveling a second class, you’re probably proficient enough with your first class to know what you’re doing, and how the game works in general. I think it’s fine, taking a shortcut to level 30, and then use dungeons to practice how to play your secondary class in a group environment. That works especially well for tank and support classes, which aren’t that great for solo killing things in the overworld anyway.

For damage classes, I recommend practicing by doing Darius missions and killing stuff at least a little bit, if you plan on actually playing them.


old game was made without level scaling so you leveled through missions but mostly killing mobs in the overworld. they changed it and intended for it to be easy for a player to get to level 30 easily. i forget the reason but probs because there’s just so much to do when you’re level 30.

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