Battleground Feedback / Bugs


The battleground was fun. We got in a few games. I’m sure this is no surprise but Paladins are OP in bg’s. They hit like trucks and can heal and take a lot of damage. Kamina was paladin in this one.

Battleground bugs
-if you are in a group and que, only the leader sees you are in a que, the rest of the party doesn’t see you are in a que
-if you d/c/crash or leave the bg, you can’t get back in the bg
-when coming out of the bg, it would put you in random zones throughout the world
-if you die at the end of a completed bg, you can’t leave and have to force crash
-my mount bugged and I couldn’t equip it throughout the whole bg, even after I died, this happened to multiple people
-sometimes when you spawn in, you see people with wrong names, level 0, and team members with red names
-there were a few times it got laggy, where spell lines were disappearing
-You can’t see which nodes you have captured. I suggest there being something under the xp bar that shos which team has what


Was a lot of fun!

Only thing I have to add to what you said was that when you enter, you have no idea what colour team you are until you cap a flag, would be nice to have that under the exp bar too like which flags what controlled by which team


Also you can’t queue with more than 4 people, probably because of the last beta


We’ve reverted the battleground to 4v4 for now, so it should be easier to get into matches and give us feedback on it.


If the battlegrounds start while switching intstance (highsteppe, house, etc) you won’t get ported in the arena.
I also tried going to graveyard and spawned on the arena respawn spot (saw my team mates) but in a white space so couldn’t move or do anything.


Ice lance doesn’t seem to be hitting players accurately in bg’s or world PvP.

Ice lance also does not work against flying mobs.


While they are moving*


When you join the que for BG or dungeon, it would be nice if it showed you how many people were already in the que.