Beginner Bard-I think- with much help needed


So I’ve been running Darius’s quests… I just started yesterday (level 5 I think now). I have many questions:

  1. Is the Bard one of the better support classes - healing, buffs, etc. for group play? If not… what is?
  2. I find that there are not nearly enough mobs for quests… they seem to be very sparse and then the respawn timer is bad… takes forever to get my kill quests done. What am I missing?
  3. Where can I pick up more quests, how much variety of quests are there?
  4. How early can I begin to try and group up in dungeons?
  5. How much crafting is there? Can I make everything? Potions, armor, weapons, food, etc? Where can I learn about this?
  6. How difficult is it to join a fellowship? How do I find an active fellowship?

Thanks so much…


Bard is solid support. The other is musketeer, and I think both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Depending on the quest, you might be in the wrong place. Some enemies appear in multiple locations, so exploring for other spawn points might help.

There’s 7 mission types: dragon racing, public events, battlegrounds, fishing, salvaging, creature capture, and monster hunting. Wander around Highsteppe to find them all. Either signs or your compass can help, but also look for the blue diamond symbols.

The Dungeon queue is available from your in game menu, under the social tab (3 heads). It’s best to understand your class mechanics well enough before queuing, but also be ready to learn Dungeon specific mechanics.

All but one potion are craftable. Some information is available in your journal, the salvaging mission giver, and possibly the library in Highsteppe. You will find potion recipes throughout the world, as scrolls you can pick up.

The forums or the unofficial discord are good places to start. There’s a wide variety, so it’s going to come down to what you’re looking for.


Just a coincidence, but we were discussing some of the basics of the bard class in another thread just a little while ago: Anyone playing the Bard?

Bard is a great group healing/support class, but isn’t as good for targeted healing (since all of the heals are auto-targeted). It seems to be best for solo fights, some dungeons, and as a secondary/support healer for raids. I see musketeers in solo fights, some dungeons, and as primary/tank healers for raids. :upside_down_face:


Ahhh ok… so I guess I will explore the musketeer as well… thanks so much!!!

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