Beginner help, rune mage drawing fireball skills

I often see a lot of advanced rune mage drawing fireball in the game, the magic stick is pointing at the sky, and I can only point at my front drawing, I would like to ask the magic stick towards the sky quickly drawing fireball, could you please give me a skill, thank you

How you see a player hold their wand is not necessarily correct. For example, other players see me drawing at the floor but I’m actually pointing forward.

Which direction you draw affects your personal drawing ability but there’s no advantage to drawing in the sky.

If you’re asking how to draw in the sky, then it just takes practice. You should look up at your spell.

If you want to cast quickly, just practice casting forward like normal.

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The runemages you see have been practicing casting for a very long time, some for years. It seems impossible, but after a while you will be casting as fast as them.

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