Beta 2 Dragon Racing Feedback


I was happy to see the new track “Second Chance” has no rng, it was really fun competing for the best time on it and all the skill-based tracks, but i was disappointed to see the 3 rng tracks haven’t changed, everyone i played with was having fun on dragon racing until they saw these 3.
As for the new mechanics i really like the golden rings, especially how some of them were placed (like the one under the plank in Second Chance, or the ones in the corners of Mouse Trap).
I also liked the countdown for multiplayer races, but it would be nice turn it down to 3-5 seconds because while racing solo it can be pretty annoying waiting 9 seconds before every attempt.


Forgot to post here:

Dragon racing is more fun than I thought it’d be. The only big issue I found was if you start the race with someone else, whoever is ahead has a dragon butt in their face that blocks their view. I also discovered you can put stuff in front of a dragon’s path and it will block their view. A few times I’d stick the flat of my blade in Smooch’s dragon’s way just to annoy him :stuck_out_tongue:


I also played around with that! If you drink a giant potion you can block a lot :wink:

Spending 100 dram to sabotage a 10 dram race seems ok, beeing able to se and interact with everyone as a Dragon gave a lot more then the ocational distraction, which mostly made me laugh.

Like someone trying to catch my Dragon with the critter gun :smiley:


I didn’t get to play the dragon racing in Beta 1 much, but it was a lot of fun this time! I will say the RNG elements were frustrating. At one point I was trying to frost bolt the dang fans on one of the tracks before starting. This got me thinking:

Instead of removing all of the RNG elements on all of the tracks, what if some of them can be frozen/disabled in various ways? I was thinking about spinning fans, swinging hammers, and flying rocks specifically. Maybe make the freeze/disable effect only last a few seconds so you have to have a friend’s help.