Beta 3: Rain Effect and LODs

  1. I do not wish to be rude, but that rain effect is absolutely horrible. No rain would be preferable to what you currently have in place. We went from a 2d rain effect that was attached to our face to a 2d rain effect on a dome attached to our head. Disable it and rework it please. This is insanely emersion braking.

  2. The LOD pop in on distant objects at the sides of your vision needs looking . At the extreme outer vision of the vive there is a ton of pop in of distant dark objects on the edges of your vision. Very noticeable in one of the new zones that has lots of rain. You can see what I believe is the highstep tree popping in and out of your side vision and other anomalies.


Please fix this! I’m being suffocated by a sprinkler


I have a GTX970 and run base-game in Medium graphics just fine, and previously ran the Beta in Medium with absolutely no issue. This rain has me lagging even on Low so badly that I can barely do anything, particularly during monster capture.

Edit: Actually, not sure if this is the rain’s fault. I’ve done a few more captures post-note and it’s all working fine again. Maybe there was some big event near highsteppe that caused a lot of lag?


Just logged in right outside the Sky High dragon race. Daytime in game. The rain looks completely normal and non-offensive to me. Is there any variation of how rain is perceived between zones? :woman_shrugging:

Only walked around a little; haven’t tried activities yet.


If you focus on the rain and not anything else away from your face it really feels like you’re stuck in a bubble


The other thing I meant to mention. The player detail LODs are far far to low. 8 or 9 ft away and the player models lose all detail below the neck. Not only does the armor disappear as though they are naked, but they also loose all model detail as to thickness ect. This is super noticeable and jaring as heck. This is with the graphics settings on ultra. Oh, everyone becomes bald at 20-25ft. This may all be due to you not having any mid & far range lod models ect. in yet or they are not working correctly.


the rain seems to bend towards you near your waist… really distracting. also rain hurts my eyes atm. actually it makes me really nauseous.


+1 rain needs to fall down straight.


not only does it curve towards your waist… it also moves when you turn your head.


The rain is truly horrible and mind numbing, Please fix it from curving and moving on head turns.


I had a super hard time trying to get a screenshot of this as it’s hard to do while dragon racing but it’s also raining while underwater Please please please take this horrible rain away and make the new rain not happen under the water


The rain also made me nauseous. I prefer the old rain.


The curvature of the rain makes me feel like I live in a fish bowl. Don’t like the current rain, but if its here to stay, could I recommend making it more of an oval or square shape.


The new rain looks fine at first glance, but once you notice how the animation bends around you it’s pretty rough.


The rain looks like a moving shade set to cover a bouble around your head, and it moves with your head.

Hands down the worst rain effect I have seen in vr to this date


We hear you all loud and clear on the subject and we’ll look at making changes.


Yess! We did it guys! put the riot gear away! :joy: but seriously, thanks!


To quote the lonely island. “Awwwww shit. Get your towels ready because it’s about to go down!!”


i assume we arent using actual physx rain because it takes too much processing power? i’m pretty sure that stuff comes built in to the game engines.


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