Beta 4 Feedback: Shaman, totem position on the belt


I actually kind of fell in love with the shaman class today. It is super fun to have a stationary, yet skill based class.
But the one thing that is super annoying about the class is the position of the totems on the belt.
When I am preparing for a fight, I am putting my totems in a distance that allows me to grab the spawning spells in a comfortable manner. Meaning without having to stretch forward or from one side of the playzone to the other.
And this is where the current position of the totems is getting in the way. Right now I have got to be carefull not to grab a totem from the belt when I actually want to grab a spell.
I am sure that there will be as many different opinions on this topic as there are players, but how about a setting that allows you to chose how far from the center of your character you want your items to be positioned? That would allow everyone to get comfortable.


I’ll second this and also add another Shaman observation: If you grab two spells at once, one of them may get stuck to your hand, not doing the “iron man” boost or detaching appropriately.

Alternatively/additionally, can grabbing the orbs be mapped to your trigger, instead of your grip? Then there’s no ambiguity.

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