Beta 4: Musketeer feedback


Hello again,

  1. the Lifewell Orb on the rifle is too flashy, if reviving is off CD. The star in the centre is bigger than the orb itself. It disturbs me alot when choosing an orb to shoot.

  2. The ultimatebar goes trough the rifle, so the life/stamina/ulti hud needs maybe a little offset upwards.

Best regards


I would like to add to these issues, that I still got problems sheathing my rifle, it takes several tries to do so. Not sure why, but the musky is currently still harder to play than in the original game, be it orb-grabbing, sheathing or the mentioned graphics bugs.


Yeah, the orbs are are harder to grab, but only because their nearer to the body. I’ve tought it a little bit confusing to change the distance from live to beta, but if you fight a lil bit, it will become more handy. You don’t need to grab so much forward to get some orb.

It think, that the musket in beta works better/smoother then on release. I have really fun with him, more than on live :smiley:


I was wondering if it was just me. I was having issues in Battle Grounds that I’d go to grab an orb in a tense situation and I’d have to grab at it 3 times and still it would just rotate. Wasn’t often, but I do feel the orbs are not as responsive to grabbing. I think this is mostly while I am moving and trying to grab them at the same time.

I wanted to do some specific testing scenarios, but have to log for the evening and hang out with some friends.


I have found that with the renew and cure while I am moving and shooting my feet, It does not register. I have to stop, shoot, and then keep moving.

I also notice that when I use gravity well and monsters are pulled I have to wait a second or two before I can shoot a poison orb and have it register. This happens regularly when doing the event closest to Highsteppe. Often the orb will explode but none of the monsters will have a status effect if I shoot to quickly.

I have also had issues with not being able to grab orbs. It is not excessively bad, but if grabbing / not grabbing a cure at the last moment keeps me from or someone else from dying, then it can be very frustrating knowing your skill is better than the “equipment”.

The light well does need to be turned down on the brightness.