Beta 6 Dragon race Bugs


I’ve created a new character and leved it up to lvl 7. Now I want to do the dragon race, but my pet won’t eat the treat. I’ve tested 2 pets and with my other character it works splendid.

I don’t want to create again a character and level it up again. What can we do? Ingamename: Cires

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Yea I was about to post this, none of the races won’t start for me either, this worked yesterday, but not today.

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Looking into this now.

I think the pet feeding has an issue

Okay so I have a fix for this but it will require a client-side patch. Should have one out in about an hour. Sorry for the trouble.


Just put out the patch, let me know if that fixed it for you all.

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Bit late, but it fixed it and we are back racing.

As it’s fixed im hijacking this thread

I spent a few hours today trying out dragon racing and quests and noticed a few bugs. I wont add any names, because I’m just going to mix them up.

On the “beat your own time quest’s” if you beat your own record, it raises the completion level, but if you play again it seems to only count your latest attempt compared to your top record, and I had it go back down to brons from silver, and get more incompleat as I played.

Triangles don’t always register in time before killing you, even on paths where you don’t skip triangles. (had this happen after tunnel in highstep zone)
Problem could probably be avoided if the script always checked/pinged the last triangle before killing the dragon, or just checked a lot more often, im guessing it’s at 1/s right now?

Some of the gold rewards required almost nothing to beat, and some required cutting every corner. Very uneven.

Teleportation to the top of the dragon race area with your player after the race is still happening

You can skip obstacles but still get the bonus golden triangle by flying close to them and snagging the triangle with your wing. should probably get fixed.

If you fly your dragon close to a wall, or under a something , you get the wall void blackout. This really should not happen.

Interestingly, I had this same thing happen repeatedly after the first tunnel in Second Chance when using a size 0 dragon (I forget it’s breed), but when I switched to the epic founders dragon I had no issues.


I did try different dragons but had the same problem, i beleve it has to do with with the systems timer on checking the dragons position.
I usually pass the gate, die, and then get the pass trew gate animation. Just leaving the race and starting it again hopin for a bettergate check rotation seemed to work

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the dragon races are hard maybe its better you habe a “metal medal” or what ever and you have the race (without time) done with lower xp or something

We’re looking at the timer issue and missing rings occasionally, and I believe we’ve fixed or double checked the issue with regards to smaller dragons taking longer to hit the rings (and that being a problem on Second Chance in particular.) Thanks for the feedback!

With the teleportation on top of the starting grid, if you find a way to reproduce it reliably please let us know. It’s an old bug that has happened during testing but extremely rarely, so we’d love to be able to fix it asap.

The only consistency I’m getting is that it happens when the Dragon dies, I’m betting it has something to do with the restart race overlapping with the return to body values.

Scott posted it in the public event thread, but the weekly mission for the Sky High course is not working. See his post here:

I’m the SoiBoi score in 4th place and have the same problem on Sky High. And yes, I got that time after picking up the mission.

I’m tracking this one and looking at getting it fixed sorry thought i had responded to it earlier

If you start the Lich King race, the race begins with you ‘stuck in a wall’ (all black screen with the green dots) until the dragon clears the start line and approaches the first ring

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The timer’s size changes with the dragon’s size
Any update on the option to turn the black vision off and the animations not resetting when starting the race?

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Not a bug but a suggestion

Can we get the races a bit easier? I mean can you make the time for bronze longer?
Its fine that its harder if you want silber or gold but for me, maybe I’m horroble bad in it xD, it’s almost in all of them not even possible to get bronze. I’m skipping normal Rings and taking Golden ones when I can, but for me I become motion sick in the races (never had that before dont know why), so I would turn in them with bronze, so I get at least a little bit exp :woman_shrugging:

Second Chance leaderboard is still broken

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