Beta 6 Musketeer Feedback

Hi, please let us know what you think of the new talents and changes for Musketeer!

  • The Musketeer hit detection has been changed to use the new method. This should result in better responsiveness, more accurate aiming, and better collision detection of e.g. orb shots hitting the ground in the right spot.
  • The Musketeer turret now changes modes by pulling the Trigger while holding it rather than shaking the turret.
  • Added two new Level 30 Talents for the Musketeer; All For One: Players standing in your Lifewell have their Cure Wounds healing increased by 50%; One For All: Holding your turret for 2 seconds before deploying will supercharge it, doubling its attack/healing and increasing its range by 5 meters, but damage the Musketeer for 50% of their maximum health.

The change works great, but there is a graphical and auditory glitch that allows you to change while re-deploying. It doesn’t actually change, just sounds and looks like it.

  • Glitch with the gravity orb that doesn’t seem to affect flying mobs’ charged heals (which it should).
  • Healing overall for musky seems to be significantly less. With empowered turret on, I should be healing for substantially more than I was. It got to the point that if there’s a single hit against three people at once, it picks one person and heals them (and only them) because it can’t do enough heals to cover everyone. For full health, it feels like it’s around 30 ticks of empowered (cure + renew) turret heals on level.
  • Damage is substantially low. I know it’s not a dps class, but I legit do not do enough damage to take out a low level enemy without spending 20-30s in one combat. This is insane.


  • The new aiming / firing system is great. It seems to be very accurate.
  • The ability to change turret modes with the trigger is awesome.


  • The Lifewell is still too bright as it rotates around the gun, specifically if you are able to battle rez.
  • Sometimes when the turret is deployed our character / party will stay in combat even after defeating enemies. I have to destroy the turret to leave combat or hit “stuck in combat”.
  • My orbs do register about 85% of the time but (especially with the accuracy being improved) I still notice times that my shots do not register. Again times when shooting at my own feet don’t always register a heal.


  • Wish all of my orbs would create some effect against PvP enemies.
  • Can the turret also attack PvP enemies? Maybe with reduced damage or some buff to the enemy.


  • Can we have some visual letting us know that the turret is empowered?

Great Job from what I have seen so far.

We noticed this as well!

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The gravity orb seems to not have affected any of the ‘charging’ items that should have been affected. It did clump monsters and did stop the self-heals of the staff-wielding ground guys (stafraster?) that don’t show a charge.

Came to post about this as well. It’s actually pretty a big deal. The turret creates all sorts of delays now due to it keeping people or the whole group in combat.

I also ran into several times where my orbs seem to randomly go through the ground when I am trying to shoot at my own feet for a heal. Think I noticed it mostly in dungeons. Not sure if this is tied to the server lag issue or not, but it happened enough times for me to get frustrated. I’ll try to pay attention to morrow if its happening in the same areas or not.

I noteced, that the turrent heals after the fight my party member to 100% but then decreases their life rnd about 1% and heals again the same amount. Like life leeching and spending again and again.

I’ve encountered the same things as the previously posts.

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musketeer healing turents harms insted of healing and gets in combat with it

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(Tasty) My heals seem to be very weak… Orbs going through the tanks shield. shooting at my feet some of my orbs go through the floor.

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Last night our healers turret was destroying our warrior’s shield so using the turret was risky/ not really worth it.

Did any of you take any of the new talents? Or is this all with just the talents that were already in the game? As far as the turret goes?

With just the current talents from OG.

Umm I’m not sure. It was a 20 musket so if it transferred with old talents then it was at least those

I apologise, I confused the talents for a moment. Removed the post with my question.

I have never seen this. Or, at the very least, the sound and explosion of the orb seems to be what I experience. Same as if I did it elsewhere

Yeah, that’s my fault. That happens with the new one for all talent, not the empowered turret.

The turret not healing people properly and causing you to be stuck in combat should be fixed in the next 30 minutes or so:


I guess I’ll experiment when I get home and try healing again. Maybe not having the turret harm people while healing will raise my heals back to their normal level

yeah my guild leader try to heal me i found out it was harming more then healing and we would get in combat with it

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