Beta 6 Patch 2.78

We’ve got a new client and server-side patch going out shortly with the following changes:

  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Ranger to hit themselves sometimes again.
  • Made it so you can properly use your Teleportation Device in safe zones with World PvP enabled.
  • Broke up some spawners throughout the world into individual spawns instead of groups.
  • Simplified the Power Pool VFX in the Airship Dungeon to help with FPS drops.
  • Made it easier to point to focus the health bars of far off enemies.
  • Fixed creation grab points on the character select screen being sticky if held onto.
  • Fixed the positioning of some lure crafting parts in the Player House.
  • Made sure new lure parts are correctly tradable.
  • Re-worked how the Scoundrel class card drawing mechanic works to make it more reliable.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause transmogged items to show having the wrong colors.
  • Added an option in the menu to turn off tutorial pop-up images globally.
  • Added a Vibration Strength option to the Player Menu so you can customize the strength of haptic feedback in the game.
  • Fixed an issue where Fellowship names were getting cut off by the scrollbar.
  • Updated the Highsteppe map page in the Player Journal.
  • Fixed the Character Select so that when you hit “save” it will always save an appearance that looks just like the dummy, even when modifying an old character.
  • The button when changing an existing character will now change to “Save Changes” instead of “Create Character” to be more clear.
  • Healthbars of enemies that you are attacking will now show up on top of everything else.
  • Fixed a bug which could sometimes break turning in missions rapidly.
  • Gatherer dragons will now ignore Red Truffles to prevent trolling new players.
  • If you die in a dungeon before killing a boss, you will still receive the XP, reward caches, and loot drops to which you are entitled.
  • Fixed some Critter Capture nodes not properly giving progress on missions.

I’ll update this thread when the patch goes live. Thanks!


We ran into a regression during last minute testing for this patch, so it may be delayed a bit, working through it now.

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will the message issue be fixed as well?

Not this patch, hopefully the next one, there will be one later today as well.

The server-side aspects of this (everything after " * Fixed a bug which could sometimes break turning in missions rapidly.") are now live. We have fixed the last bug in the client-side patch so after that’s building it will go out, probably 30-45 minutes, thanks!

nice, thank you in advanced then

The client-side patch is now live as well. Thanks!

The tooltips in the transmog wardrobe don’t show at all

The scroll bar in the transmog wardrobe is not working very well with the pointer

I like the addition of large :+1: Thay may need shifting an inch inwards towards the player and the finger down a few degrees but ether way thank you for it

still doesnt seem to work at all.

i mean the option exists, but there doesnt seem to be any way to increase the strength. i’m sure most of us who have issues with the vibration have the opposite issue, where the vibration is only barely noticeable and want to turn it up.


I was super excited when I saw you added the option to change the strength, was super disappointed when it was already maxed out and hasn’t got any stronger, pleaseeeeee increase it

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What’s the max range supposed to be? Can you allow us to use it on players?
I tried it on one boss fight and it lasted way too short that i had to point it multiple times during the fight, instead of time-based can you make it so it lasts until you point at the same enemy again?
Also i sometimes focus random enemies health bars while holding a tool, can you limit it to the hand only?


Regarding the chest rewards, I’d like to see the teal accent dye from the chests get switched to the craftable orange accent dye so it can remain as a dye you have to buy from the vendor to make it so it’s not as common as it is now in the beta as it’s 5k dram from the vendor so having it in the chest makes it pretty worthless

there is a problem in warrior hit detection on tear brute and i can only choose one level 30 talent insted obe or the other when i was at battle grounds i can only choose thow down

Can you be a little more specific? were none of your swings registering, combos not procing, shield bash broken?

the sheild bash work when i get a good angle im wound combos dont activate on the wound combos i swing

I’ve been using the health bar focus on the dummy for the entire time while testing ranger stuff and here’s a more complete feedback:

  • The latest change makes the bar (and the damage numbers) moving with your headset which is pretty annoying and uncomfortable, can you change it like the bard option so it doesn’t move for every little movements?
  • I haven’t been able to focus from more than 30m (30 was fine, 31 already impossible), is it the maximum range? If so can you increase it to 35-40?
  • From 30m it felt like i had to point about 20° to the right of the dummy to focus it
  • As already stated in my previous feedback, the focus only lasts a few seconds and needs to be re-focused so much that just feels more annoying than useful, i think it should last until i point the target again without a time limit.
  • Can you please allow us to use it on players?

The focus needs some work… When we are in dungeons and want to focus an enemy so that we can see the cast bar for interrupts etc, it doesn’t consistently allow me to focus the enemy, hence I am unable to see the cast bar from a certain distance and make out whether or not it is a projectile or something that needs interrupting that they are casting… This coupled with my own projectiles covering up the enemy can be pretty deadly or make me move unneccesarily.

It’s very hard to see which “showing off” buff is yours on a boss fight if there are multiple scoundrels. This is true for mage spells. I would suggest making the icon darker or lighter or have a shiny outline if it is a debuff that you applied to the boss to make it easier to see which debuff is yours.