Beta 6 Reputation Rewards

I have a few questions and a bit of feedback regarding the reputation rewards

Are the Harvester and Netgun upgrades intended to be better like the fishing rod is? eg. Second fishing rod improves reeling in, is the second net gun intended to shoot nets faster/have a shorter coldown on shooting? or are they intended to just be new skins for them? If they are intended as upgrades, they are not currently working and is harvesting and shooting at the same rate

As for the other reputation rewards, I haven’t seen all of the armour transmog yet but the ones I have seen I do like! But I would love to see a few slight changes if possible:

  • Have the shoulders from the Monster Hunter rep changed so they are on both shoulders, would look so much better! (possibly flip them around so the small skull on the back is on the front too?)
  • Have the Public Event shoulders changes slightly so the bird is sitting on something like a twig on the top of your shoulder so it’s a litter further out, if you’re on the chunky side like me your fat head hides the chick a lot of the time :frowning:

wheat dye has a yellow icon, but the color on gear is purple

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We need a gluten free version of this “wheat” dye. LulzOffended


The Harvester and Netgun and Teleportation Device are just transmog skins basically.

why is not pink in the picture it show yellow but is pink

Damn okay :frowning: Was really hoping they would be slightly better to help motivate people to get them


that’s what I was saying