Beta 6 World/Environment Feedback

Hi folks, we’ve tentatively finalized the spawners in the world, with regards to monsters, ore spawners and wildlife.

Let us know how the world feels to you now! Monsters and Wildlife should be much more evenly spread, leading the zones to feel much less empty. We’re very eager to hear your feedback on this.

Couldn’t see a PvP feedback post so Ill leave this one here. Please make PvP safe zones visible for players flagged for PvP.

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Teleporter does not work in safe zones or Highsteppe if you have PvP enabled.

If you have PvP enabled and die in the beginner safe area in Highsteppe area to a mob, you still drop your loot and someone who has PvP enabled can pick it up.

So you still drop loot in safe zones, you just won’t drop it in Highsteppe the actual town.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the Teleporter we’ll look into that…

Also there is something weird going on we think with characters that had bandit status when they were originally imported we are also investigating.

Give me back my 3 Reagents! :japanese_goblin:

On the defend the village quest. You can just sit there and do nothing and win the event.

lol, those are mine now:)

  • Wildlife is nice, but they got way too much health imo. It feels odd if a whole group of lvl 1s is wiped by a fawn and his mom(s) and I saw that happen…
  • And I stumbled into an area close to HS where everything was crowded with 3-mob groups (bit further than the squirrel area) impossible to single them out for me, overall I wished to see more single mobs, still.
  • Decoration: I appreciate the efforts with sprinkling a bit of blue onto the monsters, in different shapes and give them exploding barks red tnt bags… :wink: … it is better than in the last beta! still, there could be more color…

Ran into the Sorceress quest (where you have to go into the cave near Highstep and kill the group), being bugged due to one of the mobs being somewhere in the cave geometry, unseen, and resetting the entire large group.


I was wandering around and found a cave with large blue crystals, and a bunch of ore, but no enemies at all. Sorry I wasn’t sure where I was.

I’ll take a look at that today and see what I can do to get that fixed

I think this is the same problem as above with the mobs spawning in the wrong location (you were in Lamavora in the Essence Cave just FYI)

World is looking much better with mob variety but still feels like the world is frozen in time. Will any animated grass/trees/leaves blowing in the wind/etc be added for the live version? Or is this basically what we should expect?


The trees and bushes are actually supposed to be swaying in the wind but I think there is just a bug right now. I’ll look into that.


the leaves themselves are moving a bit side to side, but the tree itself is static making it look really weird and unnatural once you notice the leaves are actually moving

Speaking of mob variety… I think it was mentioned elsewhere but they seem to glitch significantly more often than other mobs and also have absurd health pools

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Yeah we made them slightly tougher than a normal mob since they don’t have any fancy attacks to defend themselves, I can tweak that down a little.

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It may just be because I was playing muskie… Which seems to be too weak overleveled to take down mobs in a short span of time and has too little healing at present (maybe because of the damage glitch?) to heal past the damage being taken. It’s like the worst of both worlds

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I posted this in the mob variety thread a while back and was wondering it it has been given any thought

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So we do have some rabbits and stuff like that we could add the same way we added the other wildlife, our concern was people might get confused about thinking it was intended as part of the critter capture stuff which is why thus far we’ve sort of kept small critters for that and large wildlife for the world.

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