Beta Art Style/Environment Feedback


A couple art compliments and critiques so far.
Caverns: Stumbling onto the cave was a great moment, really invoked the desire to explore and had a very natural feeling. Much improved three dimensional feel over the original game.

Water: I am sure this has been said but the water is one thing that just doesn’t feel right. Possibly just needs some transparency, but I feel like it downgrades the rest of the art improvements. I did like the waterfall though.

General Comments: The environment feels a lot more populated with flora and rocks. Felt much less flat and more natural. As a whole I love the new art direction and I feel like it will create a better sense of immersion. Can’t wait to see more!


You can see Shadows of people and the other rocks in side of the underpass in the starting area

It still rains inside of caves and in the underpass

Rain sticks to your vision as you move your head side to side


lol, gotta put in that raytracing.


Hey I’d like to start off by saying the beta is looking great overall. Really loving the new design of the overworld. For the first time ever in Orbus I’m actually having fun by just exploring the world as the sense of scale has vastly improved.

Also the performance optimization seems to have improved. I’m on a GTX 1070 and earlier I used to play on standard graphics but now I can play on high and it’s working pretty smoothly.

Could you also add the new map in the journal? I was getting lost easily.