Beta Avatar/Customization Feedback


Beards please!! Also an option for going bald would be nice. I need to represent my ugly old self in my avatar. I also felt that there need to be more eye options in comparison to other features, the eyes are one of the largest features to truly represent yourself and differentiate your avatar and in this sense I felt it was the most lacking. Love the changes so far though, keep it up!


I’d love to have a bald option for hair and of course beards!

Besides that (and maybe a few more eyes & mouths) I like the changes! It’s easy to use, though I hit the “Create character” button accidentally - it was pretty easy to do when I got into it. Maybe a confirmation box, but not a big deal.


I echo the need for more hairstyles as I felt there is a severe lack of styles, especially “female” styles. All options we choose (eyes, hair, etc) should have the option for a color wheel like in most games where you pick a color and then the lighter/darker slider to adjust the tone. I feel the mouths were a bit limited as well, so a few more options or the ability to stretch/skew them as @Airis suggested would work well here. As @Draven suggested physical features such as scars, moles, facial hair, and glasses(a must!!!) are absolutely essential to fun immersion and depth to identifying each character. Also a feature when creating your character to see a few gearsets/hats on them to see how the look goes together with the gear.

Also it has been mentioned, but shops in town for buying clothes (can be the cash shop), a barber (in game currency to redo hair and such), voodoo? (redo character traits with like a special item drop) would be helpful to alleviate any regrets in character choice and/or change in how you want to present yourself. Also it would add to the small number of shops that have purposes in cities currently.


Dude, that’s brilliant. voodoo :joy:
I would pay to have an outfit like Daeresha drew for Decoy. That’d be cool to submit outfit ideas and see if they end up in the cash shop or other in-game clothing store!

Edit: just to include Dae’s drawing of Decoy over here


I believe it would be better if you could pick a nose/hairstyle/eye and reshape it just like you can do with the face. Kind of like Black Desert Online. This would probably be great because some people don’t like the presets. Also noticed there’s no eye color changer.


The character customization is cool, the avatars looks much more lifelike an “realistic” now. I especially like how you can physically pull on the different parts of the face it adds some uniqueness. But I think even more diversity needs to be added for every avatar to feel special.

  1. I think most guys are missing options for beard/stubble/moustache! Stubble should be super easy to add in right?
  2. Add in some scars/tatoos/beautymarks as another option. I would personally like some freckles :blush:
  3. Most important and something you notice first, EYES. Have some more options, maybe some cute eyelashes for the ladies. Also add color after choosing style that would make so many more options. Maybe even have eyebrows separate?
  4. More Hairstyles. Try some really simple female hairstyles like “page” “bob” and a really long hairstyle. Maybe a simple ponytail, braid? I’m sure It would be appreciated! If you can add a curly hairstyle and afro hair!
  5. Personally I’m not a fan of the “lipstick looks” that I think is meant for female avatars? I just feel that my avatar looks like a dragqueen. One really simple solution for a more “feminine look” is add one smaller mouth, just a normal simple mouth just shorter.

I think adding options by throwing the parts/colors at the avatar is nice. Precision can be hard in menus in VR and it’s always fun to throw stuff around.

Lastly I just want to say that even in this state the avatars is a big step forward from the current ones i Orbus. Good work! Love it!


The character customization is great and looks way better than the normal avatars but it could definitely use a eye and eyebrow color picker and maybe even the ability to manipulate the nose, eye, ear, and mouth shapes like the rest of the avatar.


Nice start, I just wish there were more options. I tried, unsuccessfully to get anything close to resembling myself. Perhaps adding some additional pull tabs on the features (eyes, ears, nose, mouth) to allow tweaking size and spacing.

Another thought, how about allowing to save more than one that can be changed. That way when you finally defeat the big boss, you can put on your “Cat ate the Canary” grin. Or if, after hours of work, you wipe with just a sliver of health left, you can put on a Tired Zombie face.


It was very very cool to see the differences in people!! My input would be “more blue dots”. That’s a neat way to customize. Yay I can have boobs! One way we could make girls look more like girls would be to have a blue dot at the hips. Boobs +hips = girl . This would be great for hair also. Could make hair longer or shorter with the dot. Could change a parting or make bangs ect.
Also thanks for the curly hair option! I was excited to see that! Lol the curly pigtails is exactly how I normally wear my hair.
Overall very cool. I loved it. It was great to see faces with personality!


Most basic thing we need!

  • Default button - In case you want the look from the beginning
  • Rotate button - you press on that button and the character does a full spin of 15 sec.
  • Edit button - when you pressed finish, but decided to change the hair again
  • Eye colors - eyes and eye color should be seperate

Do these 4. things and then do more hairstyles etc. THANK YOU!


bald hairstyle would be very appreciated


Will we get this for OrbusVr Reborn @Riley_D ? There are things which are a given in any game.


We’ll definitely continue to make changes here, there’s a lot more we are planning to add, yeah.


Really minor bug - the create character button actually says “Create Carater” :grin:


Same bug as last time still persists a little… Trying to pick up an object seems to go more towards the actual pointer-finger location than the middle of the palm, which makes you grab a bunch of the top-rack selections when you’re going for the lower-rack ones.


Not sure if it counts in Avatar/Customization, but the gold foil armor is glitched:


can we have eye color customization? i really liked the evil eyes that i was able to have last beta.


Yes the new shader we are using actually supports changing your iris color but we haven’t had a chance to actually put that customization option onto the character creation screen yet.


Just wanted to add on that note, if using an eye set with eyebrows that are thicker it also changes eyebrow color to match hair color now.