Beta Avatar/Customization Feedback

Hi, we want to hear from you about the new player avatar customization, and the current selection of options. Don’t forget you can customize it further by grabbing the blue points on the model and modifying the shape of your avatar’s features!

Let us know what you feel is missing, what kind of additional choices you feel should be there and such.


Really like how you can fine tune your avatar this go around really nice work. Only problem being the notification for touching the menu wouldn’t stop and my controller was vibrating the whole time.

The Create Character likely needs a confirmation-button, first time I touched it accidentally and bam my character was made and un-editable.
Ears, Hair Color option etc. are nice, I like it, as well as the preview of it. Also the option to shape body and face I do like, all worked well.

BUT I wished we had more options for females… there is only like one haircut which looks (a bit) female or rather girlish (the 2 messy-ponytails) and afais one single ear-set which indicates you are female. The ‘breast’ are also very (edit: did I write decent? I meant a bit discreet, like not really obvious)… so, a bit more options for female characters would be nice :slight_smile:


Largest issue I have so-far is that the hairs don’t really have much in the way of option for long hair. Nothing seems to go below neckline, and for those of us who want to have long hair but not necessarily some wild style…


was pretty nice customization. i wish there were more hair styles. I also wish it was more obvious what the hair style would look like before selecting it.

There also seemed to be a bug on where you were pointing vs where you were grabbing that caused you to grab the wrong one consistently.

So Giant potions are more broken than they are in the current game, before they had your head where your neck is, now you have your neck sticking out the top of your head

Haha okay, we’ll get that fixed.

Can we leave this one in for the lols?

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Landru has some gaps between his ears

The small ears have a gap at the bottom if you bring the cheeks in a bit. I’d really like to be able to see the profile of my character. All you can really do is see the front and back. Maybe a way to rotate it in a circle like a mannequin on a lazy susan.

It was also hard to grab the items I wanted. It preferred the top row over the bottom.

Overall I do like the layout and ease of use. The wide open view around you is also nice.

Yeah, it seemed to take where the pointer finger was placed for its grab location, rather than the more natural grab point of mid-palm

I really like the new character creator. I do wish we had some more hair options, as others have stated. I also think it would be awesome to get a way to rotate our character without actually moving ourselves. That way we can really scrutinize our creations.


That makes a lot of sense! I was too impatient to really figure out the cause :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks

curious if you are using the vive or rift?


Stuff stuff stuff

Definitely one of the most unique character creation systems I’ve experienced. I think it’s very cool in many ways, but there are definitely some polish opportunities.

  • More hair options as others have mentioned.
  • Needing to reach into the user interface to pull out a set of ears and explode them on your character to switch them feels pretty weird. I think this may be a case where it would be preferable to be able to cycle through ears easily and quickly to see the differences between them. Needing to look down and having the explosion makes it actually trickier to see the difference between options.
  • Having additional modifiers for uniqueness would go a long way for differentiating each other more as avatars. Long jagged scar, eyepatch, broken nose, notched ear, facial tattoos, etc.
  • Being able to modify your character in some way after creation is pretty important with this. Seems like it would be a common case where someone accidentally made their character lumpy in some way without realizing it and then they are stuck with it.
  • Would be awesome to have eye color as a customization option. This can go a long way to making each character very distinct. (The blonde guy with the red eyes, the bald guy with the blue eyes, etc) (if this is in and I didn’t see it, I apologize)

Okay so my feedback for Character Customisation so far:

Character head/body
Being able to change your body type, shape of head etc. Is a really good change and quite well done, the uniqueness of each person is great, like when dyes were added to the game, you can tell who people are by their gear/colours and makes it easy to notice who is who without looking for their name, this is the same thing but a lot more fun, we’ve already had a lot of laughs with it, so thanks for that!

Customisation Options
As others have stated already, more hair options needed, need beards, being able to pick the style of eyes you want and then change the colour of them after would be much nicer and would have a much more personal feel to it then the pre-selected eye colours

Customisation Menu
Grabbing items and throwing them at the avatar with a poof a smoke when you do it, doesn’t feel like a very good way of doing it, grabbing the items on Oculus rift felt horrible, I kept grabbing the wrong thing to what I was trying to grab (video below) I think it would be a much better option to have a picture of the hair style and it just change when you click it so you can just quickly preview them all and select the one you like best, while the mirror is an improvement on what we have in the current game, a way to either grab and rotate or just press a button to rotate the avatar would be a much better way of checking out your avatar.

Apologies for the low mic audio, I had no idea it was that low when recording, will look into that for next time but hopefully this will show how the grabbing mechanic is for oculus rift users (or at least me if no one else was having issues)


I absolutely love being able to adjust the body and head shapes, and I have loved the variety that has brought to the avatars!

Could something similar be done with hair to an extent? Like could the front of hair be pulled down for bangs, moved left or right for “swoop bangs,” or pushed up to just have none? I think it’d be neat if any base style had custom “pull and adjust like the body and face” for preferred bangs (or lack thereof). Also for length, what about pulling the hair up for shorter, down for longer, or even out (to make thicker/fuller, a ponytail or braid wider, etc) from a base style to give it a bit more versatility? Like the no-bang pigtails, an option to create a style of bangs, make the hair in the pigtails longer or shorter. Maybe even adjust the angle of the pigtails (like whether they’re higher on the head, lower, practically above the ears, or more towards the back)? If the base style were a single braid, could the braid be adjusted in length, straight down back or be able to pull over a particular shoulder? Maybe even this way, if it’s feasible, a base style could easily be “military-short” or “fantasy-long” (for either gender) and a main difference be hair texture (straight, wavy, curly ringlets, dreads, etc) or a particular style (ponytail could be any length or as short as a bun if they aren’t separate styles, single braid, pigtails that are placed differently, braided pigtails, “half up ponytail”, down/loose hair, where hair by temples has a band on them kinda like Korra, other style options as base I’m not thinking of, etc)

For hair color, could each color have a slider like skin color to choose the depth or lightness of a hue? Like still have blonde/yellow and brown be separate hues, but then there’s a platinum blonde and dark honey blonde, etc.

Yes, eye shape and eye color need to be different. Please let us pick our favorite eye shape and then choose which iris color we would like. Also cool if each eye color also had a slider to pick how light/dark

Also yes on rotating the avatar to see the profile, YES!!! love the mirror to see the back, so if not rotate, at the very least another mirror to see profile?

Edit: How is height determined?? Was there a way to adjust avatar height that I missed, or is it based off our height in the VR settings?? I thought people being different heights was super cool!