Beta left hand QOL changes net gun and warrior horn


As the title suggest some things in Orbus are clunky for left handed players such as if the net gun is put into your left hand I think it would be nice for the horn to switch sides. As it is right now i’m having to turn the gun on it’s side to blow to horn. Also not sure if this is a bug or not, but when the horn is in my left hand and i’m trying to use it i’m having the put the whole gun into my face in-order to blow it.

Also the horn for the warrior would be a lot better if it was put on the left side, because if you’re left handed you have to do this weird chicken wing motion to grab the horn instead of reaching across your body which feels a lot more natural.

Really enjoying the beta so far runs like butter, keep up the good work! :smile:


100% agree, for the lefties as we always get forgotten about in a society of righties.

Even the standardized internet emoticons of single open hands are right hands:
:raised_hand: :wave::love_you_gesture::writing_hand::vulcan_salute::crossed_fingers::v::metal:


Thanks for the heads up, we’ll look into it.


I just wanna say that I’m left handed and I’m the one who implemented the netgun. I’m sorry my comrades, I’ve let you down. I’ll make it right! Er… Left!


Egads! You see, Stockholm Syndrome has set in by living in the right handed world! :wink:

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