Beta When will the servers be up?

Hi i thought i saw on the website that i could play today and tomorrow but the server is offline. Did i not read it correctly or is this a bug or something?

Sorry i found the topic i saw but it was an old one

Yes right now the servers are down, but the next test is scheduled for Sept 15th. Here is a list of the upcoming beta schedules.

September 15th at 12 PM CST - September 19th at 11 PM CST
October 20th at 12 PM CST - October 27th at 11 PM CST
November 15th at 12 PM CST - Servers stay up 24/7 until Early Access begins

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I just signed up today as well, and was wondering the same thing. Thanks!

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Youre welcome and welcome to the community. Its good to see new Names during the tests and meet new players. My name is Outlander in game, be sure to come say hi if you see me wandering around.

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Welcome to the community! Make sure you read up on some of the cool forum posts and dev blogs to see the cool stuff coming out in the beta test. Right now the two big features are the Market stalls and Fellowships (guilds essentially). There are multiple groups recruiting on here and in the unofficial (but kind of the only one :wink:) Discord here.
Most Fellowships are filling up or full now, but with them leveling they will get new cap limits. So never hurts to look around or wait on one! Oh and if you haven’t already make sure to check out some of the great YouTube channels that have streamed gameplay and how-to’s. Keep in mind some go back to the Alpha and could be dated, but are still fun to watch! Just keep and open mind to the fact they may have been changed and check the date the video came out. Here are my some personal favorites: MasterGamingVR, NightFlree and Athanaric
Best of luck and I hope to see you in game (I’m Dreks)!

Thanks for posting this. Would be great if there could be up coming times posted in the launcher. KS backer… still haven’t tried it yet between life and missing schedules. :slight_smile: Hopefully this weekend :slight_smile:

Ill be hunting for you… i want me some new admin skins >:3