BEWARE Player Lures to the Wild to Kill you


Was going to comment in favour of tricking people, but then I saw the film, and a ban is probably in order for that exploit! God that’s bad.

Guessing major reagent theft, and mountains of tradable that most beginners carry around.

That is sooo bad :-1:

You can’t even run away as its a glitch area. And no guards.


I agree with most of what’s said, (especially that glitched spot) however player killing guilds are a widely known, yet small part of an mmo (mainly because most think its a scummy thing to do). The fact that there is going to be PvP anywhere in reborn is an idea I’m all for, but the removal of that luring someone into a trapped area element of player killing being lost really takes away from the mmo feel of the game.

It’s not only luring players to a dangerous area that, if removed, would take away the feeling of it being more mmo like, but the wilds area itself. The feeling of more dangerous but more rewarding area works very well in mmo’s, especially if they involve the danger being other players. The fear of just gathering materials in the wilds then, ‘BANG!’ you get killed by a muske- I mean outclassed is an amazing idea that, although should be reworked and looked into, should not be removed from reborn.

I’m not the best at writing so I got a bit repetitive there, but I think I got my point across.


I feared discussion taking this more general direction, but I strongly disagree, at least if the “danger” comes from other players. It is the opposite actually, most or all mmos got pvp OR pve servers you can choose from so pvp and pve players don’t even interact! Or there are pve servers plus arenas, battlegrounds which are strictly separated and players with same levels are grouped so you normally don’t meet inferior low players, why would you, it wouldn’t even be a pvp-“fight”.
And this is a very good thing. There are lots players like me who think the kill of low levels or defenseless players is just allowed griefing. Some guilds even got a policy of not killing fishermen cuz it’s just disgraceful action. For those who like that, go ahead, but I won’t miss it at all. I’m fine with battlegrounds and arenas but open-world pvp without level-scaling isn’t even pvp for me, you can as well implement rocks falling down, randomly, or something like that, which also would cause less drama in games, just my 2 cents.

PS: Btw the “feeling of dangerousness” will never be removed if the wilds stay as they are. I visit all 3 wilds daily and never met a player wanting to kill me, but I DO meet aberrations jumping right and left after me, that is thrilling enough and I am always glad once I’m done, because of that.


@Riley_D can you block the area indicated in the video or dump a guard there? It’s easy to enter, but hard to get out of, and it places you in the wilds, despite not granting actual wilds access.


The area in question will be fixed.


For clarification will there be wilds in reborn? Because #deletethewilds


I think they said it was going to be world pvp that you have to opt in to and that there is not going to be a wilds anymore.


This would be good. In ARK, the entire world was PvP and frankly the fact that you had to watch for griefers any time you stepped outside your house made it much more fun and gave the game more lasting appeal. Sure, it’s no fun to get killed carrying hours of mats but you never get bored! I was thinking a nice compromise for Reborn might be PvP everywhere except, perhaps, giving newbies an aura of protection until they hit a certain level.
Excessive griefers tended to get corrected in system by the community. Hard to do much once you get tagged as KOS (Kill on Sight).


Seeing as this post has been addressed and it was originally made not to discuss PVP but just to bring notice to a glitch in the game, could it be closed/locked?

I suppose if anyone has a suggestion for PVP , it would be appropriate to make a new thread with a proper Suggestion posted for criticism.


I’m going to close it as we are fixing the issue and have taken actions on the incidents. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.