Bhaptics integration


I would like to suggest bhaptics integration for OrbusVR. I think the added level of immersion is a very welcomed one in VR games. I tried OrbusVR with audio to haptics and the result was very fun! Having more precise haptics via native integration would definitely be a big step forward!

The integration can be done within few minutes and then its about linking haptics to events in game. That takes time depending on what you want to be felt. Bhaptics can provide you haptics patterns for the events you want (ex when walking in slime or water you could feel a little rumble on lower part of body… or when low on health feel heart beating, feel spells hitting you…)

I do not work for bhaptics but I know a few people that work there. I am suggesting it as I love Orbus and love playing with the vest. Think both would go very well together and bhaptics would be the first VR MMORPG to have native integration (others in the work rn).

Hope its something players and devs would like to see/feel :grin:
have a good day!