Big dummy in edge of nowhere?

Would anyone else benefit from having a big dummy in the edge of nowhere?

It would be nice to be able to parse or runesight non fellowship members on a dummy that is bigger than tavern dummy and in a place that is a little roomier than the tavern.


This would be extremely beneficial for parcing on classes such as scoundrel or ranger, plus it adds another spot for quest players to be parced as well.


Yes my hope was somewhere that would be good for parsing and runesight ranger friends, but you bring up it being better for Scoundrel as well and I had not thought of that.

Pllleeaasaaeee :puppy_dog_eyes:

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This would be beneficial but there would be a line of people waiting their turn most days.

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I think you are right. At least at first, I think it would slow down after a week or two though.

Kind of a good problem to have though, it shows that there is a desire for it.

this is mostly for rangers and judging from how much other dummies are used, i think the only time lots of players would be there would be to kill it.

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