Big thank you for the new dungeon and efforts

I just wanted to say thank you to the dev team, I appreciate all of the swift responses and dedication.

Thank you for keeping a game I enjoy great, the new dungeon is amazing in style and a refreshing change of pace, I like everything about it, especially the pets they are amazing and cute.

Thank you all for your hard work, have a good weekend and a great week!:fox_face:


Yeah, the new boss fights are super fun and it’s nice to learn some new mechanics after pretty much mastering all the old ones. anyone who had any involvement with the recent updates and content deserve a serious round of applause. Can’t wait to see the future updates!


I was planning on making a list of all the things I liked in the dungeon and because this is here I’ll just add to it

  1. I like how they did the chaos dungeon and I’m excited to see more of it
  2. I REALLY like how you gave this dungeon lore especially the wyverns lore
  3. One thing that I noticed in the dungeon and thought it was literally the coolest thing is when your looking up into the sky at the ocean thing you can see flashes of what resembles lightning like it is so creative and I wasn’t expecting it and it just fits so well who ever came up with the idea needs a raise like I literally love it
  4. As dessert already stated above the pets are super cool and I’m glad they’re in the game
  5. The rift looking thing to get into the realm is really cool and can not wait to learn why it’s here and who or what made it (please have it be Baal)
  6. Also already stated above but it is truly amazing how quick you guys got to fixing things wrong in the dungeon I’m really impressed
  7. You had the dungeon in a place we were already familiar with (kinda) but introducing the name in a earlier lore quest then releasing the art that hints at it being in the ocean to leave us wondering if it’s really in Kultas realm was Genius and leaves me excited for the next dungeon which will fingers crossed be in teras dimension the forest of zanthron

These are the main things that I enjoyed in the dungeon I can’t wait for the next one


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