Black Screen on Login, any ideas?

Been a few months since I had Orbus installed, finally got VR setup at the new house. Trying to login, I get a black void indefinitely. Seems like this may have something to do if I logged off in my player house. Any fix on this? Surprised devs would just abandon it just months after it’s 5yr anniversary.


I have the same issue!

also encountering this same issue. it looks like we aren’t alone.

Same exact issue, new player here (BRAND NEW!!! Only just made an account)

And i cant even play, so this isn’t a scam game then?

Nericanus and Amtesterbugm both black screen, i wont bother trying to make a third, i guess it will be the same? If this takes longer than 12 hours i am going to get refund from Meta store

I apologize for the late reply here, I didn’t receive the notifications. The server is online again and we are monitoring it to determine the issue that caused the crash. If anyone is still getting the black screen when logging in please let me know.


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