Black screen / Void - Steps to reproduce and workaround

So, in Orbusvr if I set my headset down to grab a glass of water, stretch, hit the washroom, whatever - doesn’t matter if it’s for only 5 seconds it’ll be a black screen. Oculus doesn’t like it when you close programs without going through the menu in vr - this can make Oculus not respond anymore.

In this void, you need to unplug and plug in your headset (I use a Rift S), and restart the computer entirely. Doing only one step or the other doesn’t fix it. Forcing Oculus shut with task manager and restarting it doesn’t fix it. Unplugging and plugging in the headset while forcing Oculus to restart doesn’t fix it.

Only thing I’ve found so far, is replugging the headset and restarting the PC. Doesn’t matter how long your headset is off your head. You’ll know when it’s working again (again, I use a Rift S - this may vary) when there is a white light on in the headset. If the light is off or orange it’s not even worth trying, it’s not fixed yet.

No other VR app I’ve used crashes the moment the wearer removes their headset for any reason, or in such a spectacular fashion as often you will still be able to hear and communicate with people (temporarily, it seems to die eventually) via voip in game still, despite being completely blind. Happened on a dungeon run -_-

I have never once had this on my Oculus CV1, Oculus quest or valve index. I put dow the headset all the time.

I’ve had this happen in other games, but never on orbus. I use Rift S as well. Its probably an oculus thing.

I can’t say I haven’t had a black screen issue, but not from simply removing my headset. Then again, I’m on the wireless Quest 2 so it is probably a different issue altogether.

I’m fine if I take it off to wipe my brow or something, but the second I set it on my bookshelf, desk, or anything else level it’s just dead instantly. Only in Orbusvr, not in Beat Saber or Elite Dangerous or any other games I’ve tried off and on.

If I take my quest 1 off for more than 20 seconds it just logs me out as soon as I put it back on

You can change that in your settings, I believe. There is a timer that decides how long you can have it off before it suspends. I think I bumped it up to 1 minute.

The oculus setting or orbus?

Oculus settings. At least, on the Q2 you can.