BlackListed Fellowship


Wait wait… you don’t? Because we… Lion’s Pride Inn…?

:slight_smile: Jk. I have been playing MMO’s for over a decade now, and always play how I want. Since BL are so friendly/helpful in game i’d just like to know in case anyone I send your way who’s asking about Fellowships asks. It’s bound to come up since some prefer to keep everything fully OOC which is fine too.


first off i would like to say sorry i have been inactive on this thread to all of those who have applied your applications are not rejected. But it has been bout to my attention that we only have a few openings left as of a few days ago as such the discord is now open for all to join and we would like to start to get to know people before we invite them to the fellowship after all this is a family setting.

discord link:

I hope to see any and all people who wish to hang out with us even if you are in a different fellowship there by.

ps we are still looking for people to go aberration farming.


Mage lvl 6
Dont really have one i just bought the game a few days ago
i can play almost every day


Name - Alooku
Time Zone = London (GMT)
Primary Class = RuneMage Lvl 7
Secondary Class = Fishing i guess?? Lvl 3

Work saturday 9-5 but will be back on around 6 ish,
Sunday i can be on whenever unless i have plans.


Derodoris (I go by Dero)
I switch a lot but I’m finding that I have a real passion for Runemage
(I think I’m either 6-7 as of last night)
Secondarily I either play Warrior or Musketeer.
(I’m at work so I cant really check these. I think they’re 5-6)
I’m pretty in love with the game so I’m playing as often as possible. I do have a fulltime job and not a whole lot of time otherwise so it may be hit or miss catching me online.


Level 7 musketeer
Level 3 Runemage
I play a few hours most nights and when I can on weekends!


Any other
Almost every day


UTC -5 (EST)
Warrrior (Tank) Level 6
Muskateer (Healer) Level 6
Not very often on weekdays however weekends I can nearly play all day.


Blacklisted is still a guild? Cool! Haven’t heard that name in a very long time.


No someone just looked very deep to apply for a guild. Blacklisted is long dead.


Oh man that’s not good. Guess I’ll keep searching elsewhere for a Fellowship.