BlackListed Fellowship

hello i am here to represent BlackListed we are a new fellowship looking to recruit as many players as possible in this fellowship info is shared freely even with people out side the fellowship including fishing locations, potions and any thing else we think is useful as for our chain of command we are just a group of friends looking to have a good time. of course that does not mean you can do what ever you want we do got a few rules

  1. be respectful
  2. try to be on for any fellowship event you can but no need to go out of your way
  3. have fun

so please post on this form
In game name
Time Zone (this wont sway the application)
Primary Class
LVL (your lvl wont sway the application but we would like you to be at least lvl 6+)
Secondary Class
and how often you can play (this is just your availability and hast to be a minimum of the weekend and you don’t actually have to play Orbus we just don’t want people who are never available)

discord link


Level 14 rune mage
Secondary- any other class(all around lvl 4)
I play very often

Lvl 8
All secondaries lvl 1
Play pretty often

Europe +2
Ranger 16lvl
Musket 8lvl
Runemage 8lvl
Warrior 5lvl
Pretty often

Ranger level 15
No secondary yet
Fairly active on weeknights and weekends

In game name : Minox
Time Zone : CET

Primary Class : Musketer

LVL : 14

Secondary Class : Ranger

LVL :11

I play asap rl commitment lets me.

Ranger lvl 14
Runemage lvl 6
Warrior lvl 9
Several hours a day.

Level 9 Warrior
Level 5 musketeer
I play a few hours most nights and large chunks of time on the weekends!

So ya Blacklisted… is not a bandit guild as some have been calling us lol.
We are called Blacklisted as some time ago I shared alot of good info, well some guilds did not like that nor did some others to say the lest lol fun times… We still share all of are info we find at no cost to other player, all we ask if you know something we dont fill free to pm me about it and Ill get it posted with all of the other info we have.
Blacklisted is more based around pve,farming and finding hidden things , not pvp or stealing from other in the wilds. I can not make it more clear we are a non hostile guild only here to help.
"warnning spoiles " All the info we know is in Orbus-info text channelfill free to stop by the discord if you like to take a look at our info at or if you like to join. " warnning spoiles"
With slots limit to 20 I have to ask at this point that players be level 15 or higher to join.
ZedXenon one of the leader of the guild as well fill free to contact him or I if you need to.

In-Game Name: Kempe
Time Zone: CST
Primary Class: LVL 10 Ranger

Secondary Class: LVL 2 Muskteer

I usually play around 9PM CST. I stay on as long as I can. I like questing so I’m usually looking around and asking questions about where to find certain quest.

What up torloc it’s ryanx

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Hey Blacklisted,

I just wanted to say that I was watching acgameryoutube on twitch, and he ran into a couple of members of your Fellowship. They were really friendly and informative - the streamer asked about fishing, and he listed off some cool fish and spots to get them, which lures to use, all that. It was cool.


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In-Game Name - Satyr
Level - 10
Secondary classes - 6 Mage/8 Warrior
Time Zone - CST (-2)

I play at random times throughout the week depending on work.

@Neil_A ya that was me lol and a guildie, its what we do.

as for @Joshua_W fill free to stop by the discord ( ) and ask for a invite from (james)
that for all that would like a invite too. we have a hand full at 12 to 18 leveling right now. More or less would love some dps we have a lot of healers and tanks, we would like to get into boss farming and dungeon runs as well soon, but all if welcome.

I appreciate that, and although I am not sure if I’ll create my own lore guild or simply go rogue rather than join a Fellowship, I will speak very highly of you and your group both in character and out!

-Chronicler Achan

I highly reccomend these folks.

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Sounds like a great fellowship!

I joined not too long ago and all I seem to be missing is a good group to party with. I play most weekday evenings and weekends for multiple hours.

EST - Timezone
8 Rune mage
6 Ranger

IGN: Olask

just pop on discord and talk to james, we have 9 spots open.

Hey Arkness, do you folks plan on accommodating/encouraging RP at all? For instance do you mind someone passing info to new players “in character”, that kind of thing?

Rp can be fun, im not hard core into it or would do lets say moonguard RP ( top KEK) but I find it fun some times , as as for sharing we share all info with anyone no matter the level or standing with the person all is welcome to the info, and if you would like to act in character you would be more then welcome and we would think no less of you or another rp’ers would like like to play like this.
Play as you like and dont worrie about how others look at you or think of you, you are here to have fun.