Blacksmithing? will it be a thing?

I dont remember ware i heard this from. so please correct me if i am wrong,
but i recall hearing about blacksmithing being put into the game dont know when though

my question about it is will we be able to name the weapons we create?

As far as i know there will not be blacksmithing but you can custom your weapon with runes and affixes.

There will not be Blacksmithing in the sense that you are able to create weapons and armor from scratch, no.

In my experience, it’s impossible to create a system where you can both get armor and weapons drops from PvE content, and get armor and weapons from crafting. If you do that, then basically whichever becomes easier to do is all people will do to get geared up. So naturally then most games end up making the crafted stuff not as good, and then what’s the point.

Instead, we have introduced the Artificing system (which you can read about on the latest blog post), which allows you to enhance the weapons and armor that you find in the game to customize it to your play style.

We are planning to introduce a crafting system long-term that will allow you to make things such as toys, traps, tools, etc. But those would be different “slots” than the gear that you find in the game world to keep things balanced.


Levelling crafting in almost all professions in all the MMOs I’ve ever played has been a painful experience largely consisting of vendoring almost everything you make.

The only exception was crafting house items in EQ2, which has a solid resonance with what Riley was saying above.


Personally i would like to say that i disagree. I remember for instance that in runescape or skyrim, both were available and both were loved to do. personally i would love to be a blacksmith. whether or not one was easier. especially if the stuff that was crafted was more suited to style, and the stuff that was found was more suited for base combat stats. that way if i wanted to both look my coolest AND have good stats, i would want to contract out a blacksmith and then pay an artificier to enchant it accordingly. I would love the gameplay mechanic and im not alone. no hate if you dont decide to do it in the future but i think itd be worth it.

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Yeah, I think there are ways to marry mob drops and crafting so that neither completely dominates the other, but in deference to the devs, they’ve committed to the 3 non-combat classes of fishing, alchemy and runesmithing for launch. I do hope that post-launch we may be able to convince them that blacksmithing can be a good fit for the game, as I can’t convey the joy it would bring to be able to aspire to craft an epic weapon, even if it required a combination of harvested/craftingskill/end-boss-drops, etc.


I think it could be useful without the player choosing either crafting or grinding mobs. Say there’s a beginner sword, instead of having to grind for it, those mobs that would normally drop the sword could also drop crafting items of that tier. Then, said crafting items could be used to make that respective tier’s sword. So for higher level items that would (I assume) have a lower drop rate, after a certain amount of drops, you would get it anyway. That way there’s no ‘better’ system in getting items, as both systems yield the same outcome.


The idea of a blacksmith would be a cool idea. I know some games make it ether really hard to get the resources to make said item or some make it so you can craft something you can buy from a vendor. For the idea i had would be to make the same weapons, armor etc but be able to customize the look of it. Get the basic things needed for it but when you forge it have the option to customize it in some way or form, Example, color, looks, sound? something along these lines so it is a personal item to them or someone else. Something they made to show off. This is what i think blacksmithing can do and something i haven’t seen. Yes, you can also do cosmetic upgrades but this option gives a more satisfying feel to it.