Blog: Celebrating 2 Years of OrbusVR! December 13-15th

Hey everyone, we posted an article talking about the 2 year anniversary celebrations, check it out!
We’re super thankful for the support these last years, and are excited for what the future will bring.


Congrats Guys! It has been a fun 2 years!


Hooray XP boost to level even quicker than normal. Maybe this time I can level up a new character before I loose my sprout!

XP boost not working as of launch-0300 est.


The 50% exp boost should now be under effect. Good leveling!

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What time does the XP boost end tomorrow?

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It will end Monday around 10 am CST

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Quite disappointed on that developer-led event, maybe was cause i was expecting more than gather all players at the entrance of highsteppe just to chit chat. We were suposed to at least party and finish the strangers quest, but outlander dev told me to wait at the graveyard and a party would come to bring us there,… after more than an hour waiting there, nothing happened. Maybe was due to all those sort of d/cs or client shutting down that i constantly suffer or idk. Btw, my ingame name atm is LegosiW.

Hi, sorry about that - I think we ran it a couple times but between the multiple shards and lots of talking going on everywhere (and maybe what you mentioned about getting disconnected) it was easy to miss it.

If you’re available again this evening we can get a quick group going to do it, what times are you available?

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Hmm, i won’t be able to do at similar time as yesterday, cause tomorrow im working and since im from Europe 2-4am isnt best time xD. I am active now, lets say from 12-14 CST

I’ll hop on for a bit, meet us at the player house. I’m sure we can find a couple other people around that want to do it as well.


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