Blog Post: The Quest Launch is Here


Hey folks, just a quick message from us since today is the Oculus Quest launch, we hope you enjoy! We’re super excited to have more people try VR for the first time as well with this.


“Sprouts” I love it.


who wants to host a world boss quest crashing party haha :slight_smile:


Just jumped on my quest and I can’t interact with the drop down menu in the AH at all meaning I can only look at the dyes, was able to list items to sell fine though


I should have one later today, be happy if you added any more weirdisms here so I know what to look out for when I try orbus on it


While using the quest, everyone you see has 2 left hands rather than a left and a right hand, they track like normal but one of them the thumb is on the wrong side of the hand, looks really odd :joy:


heh I confirmed you can see that on uploadVR’s live gameplay also:

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thats actually hilarious.


Yeah that was actually a performance saving optimization but we should be able to fix it in the first patch on Quest haha.

We’ll look into the AH drop-down as well, thanks.


When you die in a BG on the quest you still see colour, didn’t die in the overworld so no idea if it’s the same there

  • seeing a lot of spell particles stuck in space
  • falloff is too steep for archer’s range, can’t see mobs you’d normally shoot/pull
  • during highsteppe event only about 10 at most avatars showed up, the rest were blue ghosts… couldn’t tell who was who at all.
  • polymorph spell doesn’t show up
  • light spell seems to look like a mana shield, and a few of the sounds didn’t seem right

The 10 max avatars thing is a performance optimization. If we add a lot more than that framerates are going to suffer pretty quickly. I am hoping we can at least get nametags on the ghosts though in the future.

Thanks for the feedback! Let us know if you run into any other weird issues.


darkness arrow seems to be broken in highsteppe, works in fellowship court but not outside the fence. If you shoot down to the lower level it works also. This was confirmed by a non quest user also though so that’s weird!


also when they are blue orbs you can’t hear them talk… so hopefully voice and nameplates/hp, it’d be a lot better if you could at least see a class silhouette or something too. Will mobs also blue out? like when doing an enraged treesus fight?


No mobs will not blue out currently. They are much less expensive to render than players, especially if it’s lots of the same type of mob.

  • when fighting outside hightsteppe, consistentlyI saw a cast bar that said ‘creationism’ that never showed casting progress or went away when mobs were casting wild bolts. So they’d just wave their hands and wild bolts would shoot out with no casting progress.
  • while my ‘mount buff’ disappeared, I still saw my mount below me for combat
  • my character head/hands seem to be offset to the right about a foot (so over the far right side of mount) from mount and belt etc. so the arrows for a ranger were slanted down and to the left, and the compass was far to the left, pickaxe on my right side sort of straight down
  • darkness arrow I found out when shot in highsteppe upstairs is actually showing its effect downstairs always
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Probably for the same reason that paladins can’t teleport upstairs.


I am having an issue where I am unable to login to orbus be on my quest. When I start the game I see pixelated pink text floating halfway up and my hands are on the ground. No amount of interaction is possible. I also see the performance window (like on the rift version) floating beneath my health bar… I can’t seem to logon and see anything other than this. I will uninstall and try again.


A couple of people reported this on Reddit last night too, and at least one said that uninstalling and re-installing fixed it for them. It seems to be an issue with the game not getting fully installed properly.