Bombs Malfunctioning

I think something is wrong with the bombs. This morning I saw an XP bomb expire so I went to the odds and ends shop to buy one. When I clicked to purchase nothing happened , so I tried again and this time it worked, but instead of 1 bomb 2 were added to my inventory and instead of 225k I was light 450k…
…which is irksome…

Then when I activated the bomb it said there was already an XP bomb active but it wasn’t showing on my screen and I wasn’t getting extra XP… I am sure because I turned in a quest after being notified that I couldn’t use my bomb till the active bomb which was not showing on my screen expired.

So now I have a storage space I can’t use until not one but two opportunities to be the one to set off an XP bomb present themselves… lol

After logging out and back in everything was sorted…and it’s all good… but that whole situation feels very unfair so I thought I would report it.

Hi, we’ll investigate further regarding the bomb buffs - it looked like it was working since the patch until yesterday or the day before, so we’re not sure what changed. Looks like it might be open now to activate an XP one though.

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Thanks Matthieu.
When I come on I will definitely check whether one is active before I do anything else.
I didn’t realize it was a known issue that you guys were already looking into so I figured I should mention it.
Thanks again!