Bonus dragons not breading bonus dragons any more


I’ve been trying to bread my bonus dragons for the last few months and all they are giving me are non bonus dragons. I’ve tried many pairs of dragons and still not breading dragons. I left them in the terrarium for 25 days and still no luck. I think I have a bug. Riley can you help me figure this out?

Bill Edwrds


It’s random chance, takes 12 hours so anything over that won’t change them to have a bonus trait, you can buy a treat to give them a trait if you’re having trouble getting one with the effect you want but it’s generally cheaper to buy a dragon woth the trait you want from a player owned stall as the treats are 2,000 dram each and you don’t get to pick which trait you get, I used them last night and it cost me 6,000 to get plunderer on a raid pet


Yeah I’ve bought the treats to give bonuses. I wanted to breed mine to get specific colors. I’ve tried about 30 times and still no bonus. They were breading bonuses for a long time and all of a sudden about 3 months ago the all stopped breading bonus traits. I’ve tried about 30 times or more and still nothing.

Bill Edwrd


Breeding none bonus dragons and breeding bonus dragons have the same chance for traits. It’s just rng


But why would they all stop breading for months. Tha doesn’t sound right


? Are you getting babes? Traits are rougly 1/10 so not getting one in 25 tries is possible. Just bad luck. Sounded like you where a lot luckier before


Yeah it sucks, getting babies, just for the last 4 months no traits.

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