Boss 4 elites ads

The ads that spawn while fighting boss 4 (Elite pistoleer, elite melee and non-elite melee) sometimes have bugged tags above their head to symbolise which are the elites. Would it be possible to change the elite or the non-elites character model to make it easier to distinguish? That seems like an easy fix to an ongoing problem


Ooo, IDK if its possible but having them have like black armor rather than white or something. They are elite so you know… darker :hocho:


Eh, modeling and rigging different enemies is a harder change.

Although, I’m like 80% sure that the render distance of the elite ribbon is simply smaller than the render distance of the difficulty icon, so at farther distances you can’t see who’s an elite and who’s not.

It quite commonly spawns without the banner. This has been confirmed with the ads directly in front of us. I believe it falls under the same bracket of the missing health bar bug, etc

Hu, weird.

yeah, when I’m usually add musky I’ll do elite calls, elite on player, non- elite on musky, so on and so forth. but when those banners glitch they go completely invisible, as if the enemy wasn’t agro-ed. it has for sure caused more failed opens than I’d like to admit. i like ducky’s idea but can see how that would be a difficult thing to change.

I think blue was suggesting a texture change not a whole different model. Like shiny pokemon.

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Litterally it is just taking the texture for the enemies, copy the texture, change the texture color so instead of white armor they have say black armor, apply to all enemies that are elite (they are likely unity prefabs so it would not be a hard thing to do)

Honestly don’t know why this was not the route that the devs went down first. Its a stupidly easy way to fix the bug and makes enemies seem more varied and a player can better tell the strength of an enemy by glancing at them before combat.


yeah, for example there is that dude in the knights fort, captain j, whatever his name is. is just a blue citadel knight. so not impossible, cause it’s literally in the game already.

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