Boss Attack Animation Cancelling / Stagger

Hey all,

Have been noticing an ‘animation cancelling’ or possible ‘stagger frame’ on several bosses, which if timed just right/unfortunately can make it very difficult to determine which move the boss is performing and thus make it difficult to react properly (from a tank perspective).

This seems to be especially impactful/difficult on the final boss in the mines as his rotund bod makes it difficult to see which move he’s performing. For example if his animation is interrupted super early on for his tank buster or rapid fire it can be interpreted as a regular attack (or nothing) aaaaand we have a wipe. Ive seen similar cancels on the shield minions with the ‘smash’ move and other bosses as well - though less consequential.

My question being - do moves with interrupt cause this ‘stagger frame’ and animation interruption? Or is it random, based on damage, etc… Last night after seeing the stagger frame I asked the DPS if anyone had used an interrupt and one had just before - however later it happened and no one claimed to have used an interrupt.

Any information regarding the cause of this animation interruption / cancelling would be appreciated!