Bowstring offcenter from controller when arrow knocked

So my controller doesn’t line up with the bowstring. It’s maybe 3-6 inches to the left of the string. Is this a bug? No other archery game is like this. The controller should be at the position of the string. I’m on an HTC Vive, and my controller tracking is flawless, it only has this issue with knocking an arrow.

Hi, sorry about the issue. Would it be possible to take a screenshot of it? It doesn’t sound like anything we’ve seen reported previously.

I’m not sure what there is to take a screenshot of. The controller position in the real world does does match where the bowstring is at when an arrow is knocked.

And it’s accurate for you with any other weapon or situation? We’ll look into it.

Correct. The Lab works flawlessly, and everything else in Orbus works fine with controller tracking, except for that.

Is this why I have a hard time aiming?

I have the same problem with it being off centre.

The controller appears 10-20cm to the right of the point were it is apparently supposed to be. The offcentreness of the string didn’t move at all so I adjusted to it and managed to get used to it but would like a fix plz.

Also other VR bow shooting games work just this ones a bit odd.

Yea also using Vive and can confirm this, if you hold the arrow controller in one exact spot and just pull and let go of the trigger repeatedly the arrow jumps a couple inches away when nocking then back. I kind of just assumed it was intentional so that drawing up to your face for aiming down the arrow didn’t require the controller to be so close to the headset.
Wasn’t too hard to adjust for in aiming/drawing.

We are tracking this issue, but are having trouble replicating this on our side. If anyone has footage of this it would be immensely helpful. Thanks!

What exactly are you wanting footage of? Unless there’s a way to debug the position of your controllers vs the bowstring (since the controller is hidden while an arrow is drawn), then there really isn’t anything to show.

Record yourself with a webcam showing the controllers in the real world and overlay that with the images from the game. Anyone who is familiar with streaming should be able to do this.

I don’t own a webcam, nor am I familiar with streaming, so.

I also have a Vive and did confirm the issue last night. Will post a video today. To reproduce:

  1. Line up left hand vertically with other controller directly behind inline with the center
  2. Nock arrow
  3. Arrow “snaps” to the left by 1-3 inches and continues to be offset from the actual controller until fired

I made a detailed vid highlighting the issue.

As mentioned by others the design seems intentional in order to allow sighting down an arrow without hitting yourself in the head. I believe some other archery games also offset the arrow in order to accomplish this. However, with these games they slowly offset the arrow as you draw it back. Doing this avoids the jarring motion when nocking the arrow and is a lot more subtle and natural.


I see what you mean. Yes this is intentional because otherwise to aim “straight” you would need to draw the arrow back right in front of your face.

I can look at adjusting this to make it more gradual or add a setting so that you can choose to turn it off.

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Please add a setting to disable it. The proper way to do archery is to draw the arrow to the side of your jaw. Anyone that does things the correct way it feels very off. I’ve had to adjust my shooting so I hold the bow sideways and draw the arrow to my chest instead so that I don’t notice this. It definitely affects my accuracy compared to being able to do it the way you’re supposed to do archery.

Also, anything you could do about having a setting or something to turn down the prominence of the special arrow particle effects? Hard to aim when you can’t see your target/arrow too well because of particles.

Not sure what could be done about this as well, but I can never take a few seconds to aim my first shot otherwise I risk wasting my charged shot and have to wait for it to recharge. So I usually miss my first shot because I have to shoot fast.


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