Bridge Loot Glitch


I just spent a few hours raiding the dungeon near the pigmen.

When we killed the Troll after the bridge (the second mini-boss), I got the sound that an item had dropped for me, but I could not find it. The same thing in the same spot had happened on a previous run with a spirit. I’m pretty sure that item fell through the bridge (torches do the same), never to be seen.

It’s pretty disappointing considering my other drops from those runs were 30 dram from the first boss (twice) and a small tongue from the final boss, so I was hoping the Troll might give me something worthwhile. :confused:


Yeah, happened to me too, mine dropped in the middle of the bridge and fell right trough.


30 dram?! Sweet! Watcha gonna buy, rich man?


We are tracking this issue. Thanks for reporting!


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